Laci Peterson

Murdered Mother-to-be From

Modesto, California


      I spent early 2002 applying to and getting accepted at Mills College in Oakland, CA.  It was my most earnest hope that the work would be viewed with greater seriousness if I obtained a degree.  Clearly, the cataclysmic predictions weren’t capturing much attention.  I started to work on developing other experiments that could demonstrate the validity of the work beyond the simple existence of the voices.  I began to think about the possibility of organizing a combined protocol that could be used to solve crimes.  I felt that if this was possible, this protocol might be able to accomplish something that the death penalty and the penal system have never been able to do, provide a deterrent. 


     Most of my time and attention in 2002 was applied to getting used to being back in school and completing the college course work that was required on a day to day basis.  I did very few sessions during this period. 

I always felt the need to check the EVP Maker software periodically however, just to make sure that the voices were still there.  During the Christmas break that same year, a pregnant woman named Laci Peterson was reported missing from Modesto, California on Christmas eve.  I didn’t really think much about the case initially, I was too busy avoiding the holidays.  I had been working on the discipline plan for the crime solving protocol, but it didn’t occur to me to use this case as a test model.  At least not until I was actually called into the case by the victim herself.


    The crime solving protocol consists of four separate and distinct components.  These include, traditional criminal profiling (including statistics and knowledge of human nature), knowledge of medicine and criminal forensics, communication with spirit informants via ITC (EVP maker), and dowsing (both map dowsing and on scene dowsing as needed).  I am also helped along through psychic means.  This manifests in a number of ways including, flashes of insight, mental pictures and hunches, as well as meaningful synchronicity.  The protocol basically requires the user to be fully engaged 24/7, as information can also come through dreams.  When I am working on a case, I am able to do very little else.  The process, if done correctly, is a full time obligation for the duration of the case.  There is no seam between the work and my regular existence.  Experience has shown me that the other aspects of my life have to be squeezed in as time permits.  It is simply not possible to do it the other way around.  The cases seem to take on a life of their own with information coming in through all available avenues.  Some avenues more traditionally accepted than others.  I would never be able to do this work and also, for instance, have a husband and children. 


    When I left my house on the morning of January 2, 2003 in order to run a few errands in Berkeley, California, I had no idea that I was embarking on a journey that wouldn’t come to an end until March 16, 2005.  What follows is a time line of the first few weeks of my involvement in the Laci Peterson case.  This section is a facsimile of my actual case notes that were written at that time.


          On January 2, 2003, I decided to begin a separate investigation of the disappearance of

          Laci Peterson.  I decided to use three methods to undertake this.  These included traditional

          criminal profiling and knowledge of human nature, communications with spirit helpers via

          Instrumental Trans-communication (EVP maker), and map dowsing.  This is a time line of that  

          investigation.  Included are some of the transcripts of my sessions, which are the actual voices

          of the spirits telling me things about this murder, as well as the emails that I sent to Jeff Rense

          during the investigation and who was kind enough to bear witness for me.  


Laci Peterson Spirit Aided Crime Solving Protocol

Investigation Time Line


     12/25/02    I hear the news story about Laci Peterson.  My immediate take is that her

                       husband killed her and that his alibi is full of holes.  I usually don’t make 

                       these kind of assumptions, but I hadn’t decided to work the case yet.  I

                       continue to follow the case over the next several days.


     1/02/03      I am in Berkeley on an errand.  On the way home I make a wrong turn and

                       end up at the Berkeley Marina.  I have lived in this area for twenty-one

                       years and worked in Alameda County as a paramedic, I don’t usually make

                       wrong turns.  I suddenly recall that Laci’s husband was supposed to have

                       come to the Berkeley Marina the day she disappeared.  I wonder if this

                       wasn’t a mistake at all, but the spirit of the victim calling me into the case. 

                       I drive around on the south side of the marina, but feel like I am on the

                       wrong side.  I decide to try to do an ITC session to find out if my spirit

                       friends know anything about this woman. 


     1/05/03      I do my first session.  I begin to prepare it to listen, but I am busy and

                       wait until the next day to actually listen.


     1/06/03      I hear the following 


     January 5, 2003-19:40:07 #1

     Do you know where Laci Peterson’s Earth body is right now? 

     Pity you do not have it.

     First park...

     (Underwater)  (Australian accent)

     ...close to…

     (Don’t give up!)

      ...Berkeley line.

    (Where is my Mom?) (I am assuming this is Laci)



     There they will see that it’s anchored in place, they missed it.

     Direct the people to start looking underwater, it’s in the deep.

     We can see the Bulb, but farther though.

     We took the direct route there, we spied the ALBANY BULB*.mp3

     There is a...

     (Please find me!)  (Laci)

     ...<pulp boat?>  or <power boat?> nearby.

     You may find that at this depth it escaped the dog’s detection.

     Can Mom visit it, my grave?     (Laci)

     On good note, it’s perfect weather!  (January 5th was an exquisite day, like spring.)

     What did he find?

     All kinds of stuff.

     Direct them.


     1/5/03 19:40:07 #2

     Do you know what happened to Laci Peterson?

     SCOTT STRUCK HER HEAD*.mp3  (Her husband’s name is Scott.)

     At her home.

     Jesus! Big mistake!

     Her eyes won’t look at that.

     Opened it, some mail.

     I know Laci.  Come on Laci we’ll go sit down.

     He wrapped his burden in the green tarp, then loaded it up outside.

     He had the phone, the phone it is missing.

     The tarp, he opened that, on the deck he listened, then he knelt and hit her on her head.

     And Scott did consciously kill a human being. 

     Scott, sir, is doomed, tell him. 

     They blame him for this.

     We will repeat this over for another station.

     Scott’s in his birthday suite.


     In her nick-nack (heart) or (harp) remember her rubies.

     He’s off in the bedroom packing up.

     What’s that smell?

     It’s really happening.

     He packs the equipment.

     It’s messed up in here.  It’s broken Laci.

     Apparently she maced him. 

     Scott began coughing.

     It’s not working, missed, it’s not working.

     The camera, the gift that (he) or (Sara) gave her earlier on the ground.

     He defeats her, he gets her on the ground.  He’s attacking her on the ground. 

     He’s strangling her, he ties it tight. 

     He sits on her stomach.

     He has a lamp cord wrapped around her neck that he knots appropriately.

     She can’t talk.

     He walks outside.  He throws his match out.  It’s nice out. 

     That was dumb, he’s not done yet.

     Also, he smoked a cigarette.

     They’re not dead yet.


     I’m thinking of (unintelligible)… I want to be with her.

     Be with her!?  Like making love?  After that!?

     Good grief, you are insane you are hopeless!

     Great example…

     He has problem with a women?

     Very possibly so, but that won’t help HER.  (meaning Laci)

     A dead mother, Jesus!

     Technology makes strange bedfellows on God’s business.

     Can you tell my mother?   (Laci)       


     1/07/03     I drive to Albany and walk all the way out and all the way around the

                     Albany Bulb searching for anything out of the ordinary.  I see some tarps,

                     but I think they belonged to homeless people there.  I hear that the police are

                     searching the marina again and begin to feel hopeful that they will find her.      

                     I do an additional session when I arrive home, they give me a play by play

                     moment to moment account of Laci’s last day including what she had for

                     breakfast.  They give an exacting account of the brutal murder of Laci by

                     her husband Scott, this is only a partial transcript.


     January 7, 2003  #1

     Where is Lacy Peterson?

     Your reception, your feed here is good.

     Incredible, considerable!  Little Angel. 


     You’re a friend of mine, please smile.

     I said apparently, they better find her, with all that looking there.  ...Laci.

     An instruction book, isn’t that what they find, and a list?

     Citizen Craig found it.

     Guilt at you disposing of it.

     I overheard somebody here say, “I confused this cop.”

     In the bedroom, her husband...

     It continues outside, a metal pipe.

     (I’m so scared!)   (Laci)  


     He did?

     <Upstairs> or upscale or I'm scared

     That hurt.

     Are you O.K.?

     I’m dreamin’ 

     What stinks?  It’s mace!  O.K.  Ummmm!

     He brought those weapons in here to help.  Real accouterments.

     Scott struck her head.

     Is there a pulse?

     Call her mother.

     (the sound of hammering, metal on metal)

     Put her false husband in custody.

     This is Bannerman.

     It’s 4:00, fuck!  Gotta go!

     Up the top of the hill, little accident there on third.

     He’ll see to it that there is no double jeopardy.

     Don’t confess.

     They cannot hold Lisa.

     What about my son?  (Laci)

     Your husband murdered you.

     It happened in your house.

     It was a bad idea to go fish…

     Where’s my PAPPY*.wav, where’s my Mom.  (Laci)

     They’re surprised, they’re being told. 

     Breakfast was hard for them, they can’t accept it, that you’re dead. 

     They are having fruit.

     Tell me what happened.  (Laci)

     He explained it already, you must accept it.

     He had to do what was predictable, that he would kill her.

     Like some bunch of cut throats for example.

     Apparently it was all over.  There was a metal pipe nearby.

     First one, present note a death knell.

     Here are the details.

     What happened dude?

     When we moved to Central California because they don’t discriminate in the schools.

     We split up for six weeks last May, because we were unhappy.

     We did not say anything because we didn’t (unintelligible).

     And still he killed her.

     Check this out Laci.  What are these envelopes?

     Check for something in the mailbox, these are critical.  It is out of the usual.


     January 7, 2003 #2

     Can you give me a more exact location of her body in the Berkeley Marina?

     Hi Sandra.


     Yikes!  I didn’t know that.  I feel bad for her.  O.K. I’ll talk.



     Thanks dude!  Yeah, thanks dude. 

     Just doing my part.

     All of us are trying to do the best we can.

     Here’s your reply:  It’s anchored to the fifth buoy near the end.  


                     The session then goes on to detail what a busy little bee Scott was as he

                     rushed about to clean up the evidence.  Including that he tried to remove

                     blood spots with paint thinner.  Then they say how he got rid of the body. 

                     They also say exactly where the body is in greater detail, but I don’t get to

                     this part until the night of 1/16.  In fact, I am still reviewing this 30 minute

                     session.  The information regarding the case is so voluminous, so heart

                     rending and so graphic that I haven’t gotten all of it transcribed yet.   


     1/08/03    I begin to write to  Jeff Rense of the Jeff Rense Show at,

                     about the details of the case in a series of emails. 

                     I also send several wav files which he listens to and hears the same things as

                     I have.


     1/09/03    I drive toModesto to try to explain to the police what I know and how I

                     know it.  I am told to call the tip line from the lobby and do not get to speak

                     to anyone.  I drive home concerned, but become hopeful when I arrive home

                     to find that they have located something in Berkeley Marina.  First I think   

                     they are in the right place from the T.V. shots, but find that they are by the

                     fishing pier which is on the opposite side of the marina from her body.  I 

                     wait until Saturday, but know that they haven’t found her.


     1/11/03    The evening news reports that they have found an anchor I am not surprised.

                     I begin to lose hope, but Laci keeps begging me not to give up.  Shortly after

                     8:30pm, I am watching the TV when it becomes static.  Then a perfectly                           

                     square area of the TV screen, right in the middle of the other show appears

                     and shows a picture of the Berkeley Marina at night, I can see the other

                     show around the borders.  I think that maybe someone’s satellite feed has

                     broken in, but then I realize this is impossible because I have cable.  At that

                     point I know that giving up is not an option.  I do an additional session and I

                     am told that there is a good chance that Scott will kill himself in an upscale

                     hotel when the case breaks.  


     1/13/03    I go out to the Berkeley Marina and while looking out over the spot where

                     Laci’s body is located I make a promise that I will find some way to get the

                     authorities to listen to me.  As I look out toward the Albany Bulb, I see a

                     blue and red apparition hovering over the water.  It is indistinct.  


     1/16/03    I am able to finally find the exact location of Laci Peterson’s remains as

                     indicated in the session from 1/07/03.  I am told that Laci’s body is tethered   

                     to the fifth marker buoy off of the Berkeley Marina, north toward the  

                     Albany Bulb, almost exactly in the center of the channel.  By visualizing the

                     tip of the Albany Bulb as a clock with 12:00 at the middle tip of the round

                     bulb, it is possible to describe the location.  Through map dowsing, I am

                     shown that she is directly offshore of the 11:00 radial.  I obtain this at

                     approximately 9pm.  I send emails to Jeff Rense.


     1/17/03    9:00 am.  I call the Modesto Police tip line and give them this information

                     as well as the location of the murder weapon and Scott’s bloody clothes and

                     the details of the murder.  They take it down.   I establish my website to

                     forward the info to Jeff Rense to create a news story for his website in the 

                     hope that this will inspire someone to go and recover Laci.


     What follows are the emails that I sent to Jeff Rense at The Jeff Rense Show, Dean Radin at Noetic Sciences, and KTVU, the FOX affiliate in Oakland, CA during the period of time that I was working on the Laci Peterson case.  Whenever I refer to the ‘folks’ in any of my narrative, I am talking about the "spirits"/voices that speak through the EVP maker software.  I began calling them by this name due to the fact that it sounded better in public venues than the “spirits” or the “dead people”, or God forbid, the “voices.”  This euphemism kept me from drawing odd stares when discussing the research with friends at restaurants, etc.  I started to call them the ‘folks’ due to the fact that they act, in many ways, like strict parents dealing with their wild kid who is away at school (me). 


     I no longer call them this name.  They informed me in mid 2003 that they didn’t like it.  They said that there is a prison gang in the Chicago area that is called the Folks, and they didn’t want to be mistaken for them.  I told them that I doubted that this would happen, but I didn’t want to offend them so I stopped using the name.  My case file and emails were eventually published as a group of feature articles under the headline Did EVP Solve the Laci Peterson Case.


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 7:58 PM

Subject: ITC case work

Greetings Jeff,

I have been working on the case of that missing pregnant woman from Modesto. I have gotten a ton of information.

The 'folks' told me that her husband did the deed, and that her body is submerged off of the Albany Bulb. That is a little peninsula just North of Berkeley, it is the first peninsula north of Berkeley. I didn't even know this place existed until the 'folks' told me about it. I have lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years.

The folks said that the husband killed her with a lug wrench, and that the lug wrench and a bloody shirt are in a separate package from the bodies of the women and the male fetus. (their term) The husband cleaned up 'spots' with paint thinner, he is possibly about to commit suicide in an upscale hotel, (again their wording). It was not premeditated, and the husband is being very careful as he is being very much troubled by the situation.

I have attached two of the wav files. These are the transcripts:

1) Me- Where is the woman Laci Peterson's Earth body hidden?

Answer- "First park (underwater) close (don't...) …to… (...give up) Berkeley."

The words in parentheses are interjected between the main sentence which is First Park next to 'Berkeley'. A woman's voice is heard softly saying 'don't give up' between the other text.

2) Me- Who killed her?

Answer- "Her own husband. Her own?... Who did the deed? Her husband did.  Ooooo!"

I have been told that streaming the files distorts them, so you should probably download them then listen. (Scan first, one never knows)

These two clips are attached. If they don't find her by tomorrow, I will go and talk to the Modesto Police. I think if I go dressed in a suit and explain the research maybe they will listen. I will explain that I was a paramedic and I am an A student so hopefully they won't think I am just some nut. If I end up in the slammer, well, lets just hope that doesn't happen.

I went to the Albany Bulb on Tuesday on the same day and at the same time that the husband was supposed to be fishing near there. It was pretty isolated over there and it would be really easy to pull off dumping someone out of your boat, or even hiding something on shore.

Have a good evening.


Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 8:21 PM

Subject: Attached

This is a small clip that occurs right after the part about first park next to Berkeley. The spirit actually says, "Albany Bulb"

I am going to try to play these three cuts tomorrow for the authorities. If they don't blow me off. If the locals blow me off, then I will tell the Feds who are working the case. I can't see how this could possibly be worse than never finding her.

I have been getting much better reception and interaction regarding questions that I ask. I have been achieving about 30% real-time conversation, instead of only 5-15% like before. The rest must have done me some good.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 5:35 PM

Subject:  Modesto PD

Hi Jeff,

I drove to the Modesto Police Dept. today, but only got a chance to talk to someone from the lobby phone. I guess they have had over 2500 tips, with 300 from psychics.

I told them where Laci is, etc.

They are going to be putting pressure on the husband by searching in the area of his alibi, which is that he was fishing at the Berkeley Marina. This is going to increase the husband's likelihood of doing himself in. I hope they are watching him. They must realize that he isn't going to use that as an alibi and then plop the body right there. I am surprised that they haven't just taken him in and questioned him under the hot lights. It is probably because the woman's family still supports him.

They were out at the Berkeley Marina diving again today, but they need to move north about one mile. I dowsed it on the map as 60 yards off of the coast of the Albany Bulb, at a depth of 11 feet. The Albany Bulb is a small peninsula shaped like a light bulb, just north of Golden Gate Fields race track, about a mile or so north of the Berkeley Marina. That is why when the 'folks' said the Albany Bulb, after I found out what it was and where it was I screamed. There is a jetty that comes out of the top of the bulb at the 12 o'clock position. She is located on the 11 o'clock radial.

We are having a small storm right now so that may have shifted to a minor degree. They just need to search the whole area around it. They might want to start at 11 and move out in arcs in both directions. If they don't recover her before the next big storm system, well... In any case, I told them some of what I know and I also told them that I can locate additional evidence and provide additional information. We will have to see what happens.

I gave them my name and phone number. They were very nice, but I am not sure if they took me seriously.

I will keep you updated as warranted.

Have a good evening.

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 9:27 PM

Subject: Re: Modesto PD

I think I am going to cruise over to the Albany Bulb tomorrow and have a
look see where they are diving. If they don't find her in a couple of days,
I will try again.
When I asked the 'folks' about this case, I never figured that they would be
so forth coming. Now I am sort of obligated. It makes me sick that some
people would see this as the fast track to their own TV show. I am much
more interested in proving the workability of this in finding people and
things, in proving life after death, and in helping the family members and
the dead people.
I really hope they take this into consideration, and don't just blow me off.
I told them I wasn't a psychic, but that I was a psychical researcher.  Maybe that will

help.  I have never gotten this much specific information on a case. They must
have missed me while I was busy with school.
Thanks for responding,
Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 12:45 AM

Subject: They may have found Laci

Greetings Jeff,

I just almost lost it. I was watching the 11pm news, and they said that at around 6pm they may have located a body in the area of the Berkeley marina in between 10 an 12 feet of water. What did I say, 11 feet?

They may have found the second package with the shirt and what not in it, or they may have found the package with the body. I am going to do a session in the morning and ask the folks. The police aren't going to go back until Saturday with side scan sonar. I felt in my bones that the folks were right this time. The area just south of the Albany Bulb is listed on the map as Fleming Point. Oddly enough, I was born with the name Sandra Jeanne FLEMING.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for bearing witness for us.

At least someone will know what the 'folks' are capable of even if the cops don't care.

Sandra Belanger


 From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 11:54 AM

Subject: Re: They may have found Laci

It is within the same area of coastline contained within an area of a few
hundred yards, right around the Golden Gate Fields Race track. From north to
south, the coast goes Albany bulb, Golden Gate Fields, Berkeley Marina all
within a few hundred yards. I need to go and see where the police are looking. Also, as I said

it remains to be seen if they found the body or something else as they haven't recovered it yet. There are two separate packages that were submerged by the husband. One with his blood soaked
shirt and the murder weapon (lug wrench or pipe) and one with the body(s).
So hopefully we will find out for sure on Saturday what they have there. In
any case the Marina and the Bulb are pretty damned close to each other. It
would be an easy walk of a few minutes from one place to the other. By boat
it would take even less time.
I have to go to
Berkeley today in any case. So I will swing by the
Another interesting aside, a couple of days after the woman disappeared and
prior to the news stating that her husband said he was fishing at the
Berkeley Marina, I missed my turn at the 80 fwy. and ended up there 'by
accident'. I had a feeling after that that I was being called to the case,
which is another reason I decided to take it on.
I'll keep you updated if the folks tell me anything new this morning.


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 1:19 PM

Subject: Map of Berkeley Marina/Albany Bulb

Hi Jeff,

Here is a map image with the areas in question marked. I am going to go in person to the Albany Bulb and try to get a better idea of the location of the police divers, as I will have a perfect view from that vantage point. Also, I am assuming that the cops will have the Berkeley Marina closed off to lookyloos like myself.

I hope this helps. Also, considering that the woman supposedly went missing over 100 miles away, when looking at this map, I realize how incredibly well the 'folks' did on this one. Frankly, I'm impressed.

I guess if you can be invisible and float around anywhere that you want, it gives you a certain edge. Not to mention the fact that they could ask Laci. I have always wondered if people know what happens to their earth body after they die. If they stick around or just leave right away? They seem to care at some level.

A lot of my information comes from a spirit, who seems to have access to the big library. He has the ability to play events back on some sort of 'device'. The only difference is that this device is not limited to the past or the present.  He can also watch future possible events. That is how he knew about the husband possibly committing suicide.

I was thinking from the standpoint of profiling, that this would stand to reason. That guy, Charles Stuart in Boston, who killed his pregnant wife and then tried to say some Black guy did it, killed himself by jumping off of a bridge when the case broke.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 2:11 PM

Subject: Now this is interesting!

As if the rest wasn't weird enough...

I went back and listened to the three files I sent you. When I listened to the Albany Bulb wav file there is a voice on there now that I don't recall being on there before, that says: "Moved!"  I have had them do this in the past where they have changed the file slightly after the fact. It is truly amazing that they can alter already recorded wav files. I am assuming by this they are alerting me to the fact that the position of the body has shifted somewhat. Considering the currents in the Bay, and the fact that I did that session on the 5th, and it is now the 10th, I am not surprised. It is likely in the same general area of the Bulb and the Marina. I am glad that I was waiting to do another session. Now I can get the new location. I wonder if they (the spirits) can do GPS coordinates?

I will have to ask.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 3:06 PM

Subject: Full text of uncut wav file

Hi Jeff,

Attached is a close transcription of the uncut first 50 seconds of the January 5th session. I sent you 3 isolated clips from it. On close further inspection with headphones, this is what the full text says. I wanted to get this to you before they find the body so that you will know that this is what was really said.

I am now going to do another session to see if they will give me GPS location. If you want the full wav file uncut to listen for yourself let me know and I will send it.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 4:26 PM

Subject: The emails


When I saw where the police were searching I knew that they hadn't found her.  I thought that they were on the Albany side of the Marina, but they are searching near the fishing pier. I dowsed again last night and did another session which I still need to give a close listen to.

The dowsing says that she is approx. 1 km off of the Albany Bulb towards the Albany/Berkeley border.

After the news last night, I was very worried that the police would give up searching in that area, but they said that they were still going to search there. thank goodness.

At about 8:30 pm I was watching one of the cable channels, when the sound became static and snow went across the picture on the screen. Then a square picture smaller than the TV picture, came onto the screen. It was a real time nighttime shot of the Berkeley Marina! It lasted for about 15 to 20 seconds. I could see the other TV show in a border of about 8" on each side of the other picture. I could hear the talking from the other show, but it was static-y. I was thinking maybe I picked up someone's satellite feed, but I am on CABLE. I guess I am not being let off of the hook so easily in this case. I have been getting Lacy. There is a bit on last night’s session where a spirit interviews her. She says: "He hit me!" then the spirit says, "Well then there must be some proof there." So they seem to be trying to provide additional location of evidence, just in case.

I will save everything, emails etc. because this is still not over. I am going to call the hotline again. Also, the 'folks' say that "it is written that we find her."

What ever happens, happens. I heard the head spirit guide on today's session say: "Now here's the plan..." but I didn't catch the rest. I am slowing it down to see what he has to say.

Thanks again,

Have a good Sunday

Sandra Belanger 


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 10:31 AM

Subject: Re: The emails

Hi Jeff,
I wish I could get a cop to listen to me as well. If I could just explain
the incredible miracle behind how this information comes through then maybe
they would listen to me. The raw voice file that I have put into the EVP
maker, is a conversation between three people, a ten or so minute cut, that
was recorded on November 11, 2001. That, as you know, has been chopped up,
and the folks have then used that raw material to make these wav files. I have roughly 30 minutes of information about Laci.
Like I explained to my professor at school, imagine if you took 7 dice and put a phoneme from American English on each side instead of a number. There are roughly 41 phonemes in American English. Then you take the dice put them in a cup and shake them and then toss them. What are the odds that a word will appear? A phrase? 30 minutes of specific information about a homicide?
If they could see this, and I have no problem with demonstrating under the
strictest of controls, then they would KNOW that this is coming from
somewhere else.
Do you know any cops?
Maybe if you know of a cop, if that cop called the Modesto cops they would
listen to him or her. I am going to begin asking around to people to see if I can find

 a cop who is willing to listen to me.  I even considered for about on half of a second

calling the Secret Service agents who came to my house last year.
Well, I am going to go listen to the spirit’s plan and see what he has to say.

Sorry for so many emails. I wanted to give you a clear idea of how I work
these cases with my 'people'. If I can make people believe me, especially
in law enforcement, I believe this work could change everything. People
might think twice about killing someone and attempting to cover it up if
they knew that someone will be able to always know the truth.
The ‘folks’ have started working on the Elizabeth Smart case out of
Utah.  As
soon as this is finished here, I will too.
Kind regards,
Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 6:07 PM

Subject: Emails etc.

Hi Jeff,

They are still not looking in the bay and the ‘folks’ say that the remains are being disturbed and moved around by fish.

I sent an email to KTVU the local FOX affiliate, but have heard nothing back as yet.

I had a very interesting thing turn up in my last session on the 13th. They said that they had a man there, I think they said his last name was Natoma, who had been killed in the Gulf War when his jeep blew up. He came to warn us that the person that mailed the anthrax in the attacks right after 911 was KEN(T) ALIBEK. I am not sure if that is spelled right, but I know who they are talking about. He was the Russian defector who used to head Russia's bio weapons program. I am sure you have heard of him. He has written at least one book.  I am just going to leave that right there. There is nothing I can do about this. I just wanted to tell you so at least someone else knows. If Alibek is the one who mailed the anthrax, that more than fully explains why no one has been arrested. He was practically grandfathered over into the weapons program here in the U.S. I supposed it never occurred to them that he might be a double agent working for the Russians, or worse, Arab terrorists.

I have attached two small clips about the Laci case. I wanted to know if they were clear to you. You are really good at hearing these, by the way.

Me: Do you know what happened to Laci?

Them: "Scott struck her head." Clip one

"He strangled her first." Clip two

It is very interesting what they did on this session. They went back to before the incident then described what happened in a play by play manner. They even told me what she had for breakfast and the contents of her purse!  They also said that she went to the gynecologist on the 23rd.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the website.

Have a good show. 

Kind Regards,

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2003 9:44 PM

Subject: I think I have found the exact location

Hi Jeff,

Yeeehaaaaaa! Holy s**t, the 'folks' told me that the exact location was in the wav files I already had, so I went back and looked. Son of a gun, they were right.

I found it. I have a wav file that says:

"He put it there, roped to the fifth buoy."

"Right next to the marker(buoy)."

This comes right after the part that says "Her husband did the deed." so obviously that is the he they are referring to.

I have attached this short wav file. Let me know if it is clear to your ear.

Right after this they are trying to give me more info and say that it is almost smack dab in the middle of the channel that runs between Brooks Island and the Albany Bulb.

I can't believe this. I am almost afraid to give them info this exact. I will call the hot line in the morning and give my name etc. Hopefully they won't think I killed this woman. Just remember if I end up in the slam, you will be hearing from me. You are pretty much my only witness at this point.

Kind regards,

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 9:32 AM

Subject: Re: I think I have found the exact location

I am not sure exactly why Scott roped the package containing her body to the

buoy. The folks have given me an idea as to why. They said that he

originally had considered killing himself when he went out there on the bay
with the body. Then, his boat, which was rather small and the bay rather
choppy, began to leak or take on water somehow. So, now dude is out on the

bay with his dead wife's body and his boat is sinking. He didn't get to
take the body as far as he wanted. He had some idea to retrieve it, and
hide it better. Also, they said he was ambivalent about disposing of the
body and at one point nearly turned himself in. BUT when Laci's family was
so supportive of him, he could no longer bring himself to do this. I don't
think he realized that the cops would turn to looking at his situation so
quickly. So, it turned out to be a cascading number of events that led him
to tie the body there. Let's face it, Scott was a very inexperienced murderer,

and at some level he probably wants to get caught. The 'folks' say that he is having

a very hard time dealing with the guilt from a psychological perspective. They also say that he isn't going to confess until February. I don't think he confesses to the cops either. I think it is to a friend or one of the members of his family, because afterward he may commit suicide in an upscale hotel. This part is fuzzy, as it is in the future.
I will let you know what happens with the cops.


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 11:18 AM

Subject: Re: I think I have found the exact location

O.K. I did it. I told them I was a psychic researcher. God I really hate
attaching labels like that to myself.
Well they have the location, now we have to see what happens. I also told

 them about the possibility of the husband committing suicide. I can't
really tell if they took me seriously or not.
In any case, it is in the hands of the gods.  As if it weren't already.
I heard from a bunch of soldiers that died recently in Afghanistan. They were
trying to figure out if they were dead or not. They described being on some
rocket powered ship. One of the guys was convinced it was a dream and that
he would wake up. But another guy said that he thought they were dead and
in heaven.
I am wondering why the reception has increased so. This is amazing. You
won't believe some of the things that I have gotten.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 12:27 PM

Subject: Re: I think I have found the exact location

They listened and took it all down. I think that Chandra Levy may have helped.
I also gave the all of the details of the crime that the folks gave me. I ran through the
entire crime from start to finish. I told them why they started fighting
(the envelope) how he killed her, (strangled and bludgeoned with a

cylindrical metal pipe or a lug wrench). Then wrapped up and put in the
boat. Then he cleaned up blood spatter with paint thinner. etc.
I just saw on the news that they just closed the volunteer search center.

They also said dummy boy Scott took out life insurance on Laci just before she vanished.

What an idiot. Dude obviously does NOT watch forensic TV shows. I still think that
even if he was planning to kill her she was killed in the heat of an
argument. I don't think he would have planned it this way.
I also sent all of the information via email to Dean Radin, who doesn't ever

respond, and to KTVU channel 2's investigative reporters, the local FOX
affiliate last night.
I hope they found her. Last night she said once again that she wants to be
in a cemetery so her mom can come and visit her.

From: "horakhti"


Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 3:29 PM

Subject: Additional transcipts

Hi Jeff,

Here are more complete versions of my transcripts for 1/5, and 1/7. As this is rather overwhelming and exhausting, I still have not finished a full transcription of these sessions, but I am working at it.

These are so sad, and graphic and heart rending. No wonder the cops had so much evidence. There was one hell of a struggle in that house that night. It happened late on the night before Christmas Eve. Laci fought like hell to try to save herself, and even maced Scott at one point. He still over powered her.

I will send more as I have it. What a sad, sad story. How could one human being do this to another? What an evil evil man. He has to be a sociopath, no normal person could do these things and then go and allow the murdered woman's family to comfort him. As I was transcribing this, the hair was standing up on my arms and my neck.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 7:53 PM

Subject: Thanks

They are looking into the possibility that he may have killed a women that went missing when he was in college at, I think, Cal Poly. Her body has never been recovered...

So, do you think that we should do this. I must admit, it is taking a large chance. If they are wrong, well... But if they are right... I guess I will have to go and pray on it.   If you think we should go forward with the article then, let's do it, For Laci.



From:  "horakhti"


Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 10:19 PM

Subject: Re: I think this is integral, it’s short

The only things I say are the initial question. The rest is the spirits talking to me, talking among themselves and to Laci. It might be best to just identify me by my first name. I don't want any psychopaths to worry about skeletons in their closet and come looking for me. If this turns out to be right then we can disclose more at that time.

I have no plans to release the long versions of the transcriptions to the public. If the police want them then they can have them. I don't want her family to know the gory details. Even if this goes to trial, there is no DA who could come close to representing what I have listened to today. I will be lucky to be able to sleep tonight. What we have there tells the story and gives the info that I was given. I think that is more than enough.

I don't think I could do this full time. It is too draining emotionally as I am an empath and pick up the emotions from the wav files. If it is successful, that will be gratification enough and will hopefully offset this to some extent.

I have attached a wav file giving the folks take on it.  It says:  “I’d like to go on Oprah.”  I'd like to see THEM on Oprah, just to see how Oprah would handle it. Do you provide chairs? Will they need a dressing room? I wonder if given the chance would they materialize?

Thanks again,



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 9:52 AM

Subject: Re: ASAP I am unable to send the wavs to James. Pls send these to him...mark it URGENT

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for your kind words. I sent all of the files indicated to James
at about 8:45 am. Talk about freaky, I was watching the 11 pm version of
FOX cable news, which I never watch because they are so unfair and biased,
they were interviewing someone from The National Enquirer (sp?) and Scott
Peterson's dad called and ripped the guy a new one. The freaky thing that
he said was this "I put about as much credence in the Enquirer as I do in
Well they may not be from Mars, but it my most fervent hope that these
'wavs' may be Scott's undoing.

From: "horakhti"


Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 10:56 AM

Subject: One last thing

I just remembered something that I should probably clear up. I am so used to talking to the 'folks' that I am able to sort out their statements almost automatically into categories. Those made to me, those made about me to others, those made to each other (there always seems to be more than one there), those made to the dead person I am addressing and those made by the dead person I am addressing. There is one other category and there were several of these in the long transcript. When the 'folks' are describing an event, I am nearly positive that they sometimes relate what the people participating in this event are THINKING and FEELING. An example of this is the bit about Scott being sexually turned on by killing his wife. The 'folks' were totally disgusted by this and they also verbalized this.

They once told me what my bird Horus was thinking during a hike outside. So this can be confusing unless you are aware of their abilities. I don't always converse verbally during a session. Sometimes I THINK questions and they answer them. There seems to be no difference between my thinking something and my speaking it to them. In fact they once said: "Remember the other day when you were fantasizing about blah blah blah..." I must admit I was taken aback and am now very careful about what I think about. Especially during sessions. It has been good training.

After all, I think that is what is going on here. I am undergoing some sort of weird initiation here. Some kind of psychic training. My psy ability has increased by leaps and bounds since August of 2001. I have a hard time being out around crowds.

In any case, I thought this was important enough to relate to you, when I realized that you may not understand some of what was being said otherwise.

Have a good Sunday. I am going to drink coffee and sit in the sun, read the Sunday paper and listen to KFOG acoustic Sunday morning.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 2:45 PM

Subject: Re: One last thing

Yes, I think that this might help. But you should take out the part about
Scott that I have deleted below so you can see. It is pretty obvious once
you get used to it. Also, they usually say so and so was thinking blah
blah, if the person spoke out loud, they will say they overheard such and
such. But sometimes they get going fast and I am just given the info whole
cloth. They have interesting ways of making sure I understand with my
limited human level of understanding. If they are talking about a future
event they will say: I predict, it is predicted, it is prophesied, etc. Or
if they have an exact date, they will give that. This is much more rare,
but has happened. The future is very difficult to follow right now as it is
in an incredible flux. It has become like trying to follow a single
specific drop of water in an ocean of quantum possibilities.

From: "horakhti"


Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 11:15 AM

Subject: Re: One last thing

Hi Jeff,
I read through it, it looks good. I was wondering if it would be possible to
delete two of the transcriptions and plug in the more current and complete
versions? There is one part the part about upstairs and downstairs that may
be incorrect and may cause anyone in authority to dismiss all of it.
I have edited the most horrible detail, I am sure you know what I mean. If
we could exchange these two versions for the versions posted it will be
perfect. I think this will give people a more accurate idea of what took
place. Also, they will see that the 'folks' told the story TWICE almost exactly the same.
I think the details about the lamp cord, Scott’s traffic accident and the

fact that he took some of Laci's jewelry just may make them believe me.
I think this is important because they are no longer answering the tip line.
If this is too much of a problem, then that is O.K. too.
I have it from a good source that the only reason that Scott is going down
to So Cal is in a desperate attempt to divert attention from the Bay. Also,
he is planning to go to
San Diego next week end because he wants to score
some sympathy based tickets for the Superbowl. What a sociopath. My take is
that this is FAR too close to the Mexican border and if the cops let him go
there they are NUTS. I think if I were the cops, and I were to come by this
information, the next time I spoke to Scott, I would casually carry a lamp
cord in my hand, set it down on the table, not say a thing about it, as if
I had just been carrying it. Then gauge Scott's reaction. Then the next
time, I would have a metal pipe sitting on the table, if he doesn't lose it
with the lamp cord.
Here are the transcripts I think these will have more of an impact.
Thanks again,


     On January 18, 2003, Jeff Rense posted all of this information, including copies of the voice files as a feature story on his website under the headline DID EVP SOLVE THE LACI PETERSON CASE?  This website gets thousands of hits in the course of a single week.  As a result, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people saw my information about the Peterson case three months before the bodies were recovered, and three months before the arrest of Scott Peterson for his wife’s murder. 


     These are the emails that I sent to Dean Radin at Noetic Sciences in Petaluma.  He has never responded.


From: horakhti

To: deanradin

Sent: Friday, January 10, 2003 4:45 PM

Subject: Greetings

Dear Dr. Radin,

I hope all is well with your world. I have been having some interesting ITC sessions regarding the missing woman Laci Peterson. I had some time between semesters, so I have been working the case with my friends in the spirit world.

I have been going to school full time at Mills College in Oakland. So far so good, I got straight A's last semester.

I have attached a copy of a transcript regarding the location of the remains, which I did on January 5th. I think you will find it interesting for a number of reasons. Also, my spirit guide told me that there is a high probability that her husband may commit suicide in an upscale hotel. I know that part about the hotel sounds strange, but that is what he said. They also said that her husband did not premeditate the murder, he killed her during a crime of passion, death was due to blunt force trauma with a lug wrench, and that her husband cleaned up spots with paint thinner. He then went to the Berkeley Marina and dumped two packages in the water, one with the murder weapon and a blood soaked shirt and one with the body.

They were quite specific with all of this information. I think, as I said, you will find the attached interesting.

I am only sending this because the results are being tracked by a number of people including Jeff Rense, and therefore have been documented. Also, it is an interesting case with interesting results. Unfortunately, I will have to put the research aside for the time being as I have to start back to school next week.


Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"

To: deanradin

Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 12:32 AM

Subject: Exact location

Greetings Dr. Radin,

I sent an email last week discussing the information that had come through regarding the murder of Laci Peterson by her husband and the location of her remains. I have done an additional session and was told rather explicitly that her husband Scott Peterson tied her to the FIFTH BUOY MARKER out of the Berkeley Marina and anchored her to the bottom. This buoy marker, according to my source, is located almost smack dab in the middle of the channel that runs between Brooks Island and the Albany Bulb. Near the Albany-Berkeley border. This was very clear and very explicit. I hope someone decides to go and get her before the next storms sweep through. She is only tied with rope and according to the source there has been some predation.

I just wanted to get this to you. I feel that this will be resolved soon.


Sandra Belanger


     At this stage of the investigation I was becoming extremely concerned that Laci’s body would never be recovered, or that it would be recovered after all of the forensic evidence had been destroyed.  It was due to this concern that I decided to contact the local FOX affiliate, KTVU, that had been covering the story.  These are the emails.


From: horakhti


Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 2:41 PM

Subject: New technology to find Laci Peterson

My name is Sandra Belanger. I am a retired paramedic formerly with the San Francisco Fire Dept. 8 years. I also spent 4+ years working as a paramedic in Alameda County. I am currently a full time student with a 3.89 average at Mills College in Oakland, having returned to school to complete my degree. At 44. I am further prefacing this with the following: this is not a hoax, a bad joke, or the product of a fanciful imagination.

Since 1981, I have been involved in research regarding life after death. I am sure you must be familiar with John Edwards. Please hear me out. For the last, nearly year and one half, I have been involved in some extremely interesting and fruitful research which couples quantum physics with linguistics. O.K. here goes...

In late August of 2001 I began working with a form of computer software. this software takes a random sample of recorded speech and chops it up into bits which are less than 1/10th of a second long. These word bits fall into the sub-syllabic group of word components known as phonemes. There are roughly 35 phonemes in what we know as American English. This software then attaches a random number to each of these myriad word bits which have been created out of the random voice sample. This device then works the same way as would a random number generator. Tumbling numbers within the computer in a way that is not dissimilar to the lottery.

Now, imagine if you took eight dice, on each dice you put a phoneme. Tumble the dice. What do you think the chances are that you would get a word? (perhaps) a phrase? (maybe).

In August of 2001 I put 10 minutes of Sesame St. recorded onto a tape recorder then created into a computer wav file. I used Sesame St. because I was certain that this was all BS and it wasn't going to work any way. It didn't. Garbled high pitched nonsense emerged from my computer speakers. Just as I suspected it would. I decided to give it another chance. I recorded a 10 minute cut of CNN onto my tape recorder and made IT into a wav file. I put it through the software. Garbled nonsense IS NOT what happened. I got a voice saying: "First try we got Sesame St.." Well let me tell you I nearly lost it. I stood in front of my computer and said: "What do I do for a job?" A voice answered saying: "Medic, paramedic, local 798, no 790."

Well just let me tell you. I ripped my shirt off like a soccer fan and whirled it over my head and ran around the house whooping and hollering. Then I went back to the computer. a voice said: "Sandra, your showing off is unacceptable to us." Since that time I have accumulated more than 125 hours of communication from elsewhere.

I have reached the stage where I now have real-time conversations with this and am able to ask them things.

So, what do you think the odds are that we could throw our special dice and get thirty minutes of explicit information about a homicide, including an exact play by play of the crime, where the body is, where the murder weapon and a bloody shirt is? THAT is exactly what has happened.

I am not writing to you because I want money, notoriety, my own TV show or any of that, I am writing this to you because I have already tried everything else. Cops are not the most open minded beings on the planet.

What follows is a transcript of the session regarding the location of Laci's body. Her husband killed her, strangled and bludgeoned her. Wrapped her up put her in the boat drove to Berkeley. She is about 1Km off of the Albany Bulb in the region of the Albany Berkeley line. According to my people the cops missed her.

Just in case you want to take a chance, and that is really what life is about isn't it? Give me a call.  I have all of this on wav files. I can even tell you the contents of Laci's purse and what she had for breakfast that morning.

Come on take a chance. What have we got to lose. If they don't find her before the next big storm systems, well... We will have to wait until Scott confesses in February. Also, I am told that once the pressure increases and the case starts to break, there is a high probability that the husband will commit suicide. So, as you see there is some urgency here, and this is the only reason that I am willing to come forward. Also, I promised I wouldn't give up.

Just remember there are far, far stranger things on heaven and earth Horatio...

Sincere Regards,

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, January 17, 2003 12:01 AM

Subject: Good Morning Additional info

Hello, my name is Sandra and I sent you an email regarding my research a couple of days ago. I have gotten new and more exact information regarding the location of Laci Peterson's remains. As I stated her husband killed her, he strangled her then hit her on the head. He wrapped her up in something and put her in the boat. He then drove to the Berkeley Marina and went out into the bay.

He tied the package containing Laci's body to the FIFTH BUOY MARKER out of the marina. It is nearly smack dab in the middle of the channel between, I think the marina and the Albany Bulb. I don't know because I have never been on a boat out there.

I think you will find this information to prove accurate. I will call the tip line in the AM and give them this new info.

Kind regards,

Sandra Belanger


     Unfortunately, as the investigation was proceeding along the Christmas break ended and I had to return to school.  I never heard from the Modesto Police Department at this stage, and Laci and Conner remained missing.  I would periodically check with the spirits about the status of the case, but it was causing a real conflict with my school responsibilities.  Every time I contacted the spirits I was given the real time condition of

the body.  These descriptions of decomposition and predation caused me to begin to worry about whether the bodies were ever going to be recovered.  I did additional sessions on February 3, 2003 in order to ask the spirits if they were ever going to be found.


February 3, 2003

Will Laci’s body be recovered? 

After she goes for a couple more weeks in the sea.


We heard whose boat you use.

There’s just one thing, that you will not be patient.

This is the end.

On one eight.  (the 18th?)

In fact, there’s a scuba diver there.

They pull up the scuba diver.

We may be repeatin’.

Then Ned goes in, with a boat.

A helicopter.

Through the park with the boats to the sea, in the sea.

We’re off to check it.

Busted! We caught you!

You should say pull her up!

We found her!

Send Jeff down.

I want you to go down and pass the dead girl up.

Strange looking.

Put it here.

Yes, Laci is basically bones.

I predict that down there is the big baby as well as Laci.

Thirteen (or thirty) feet down.

With the fish.

I love you, your spirit never gives up.

Laci’s with her son in heaven.

It was difficult for her, however, she was up here a little longer,

as an intuitive helping me, help you out.


Following this session I felt considerably more confident that the bodies would be found in a few weeks.  I did a few more sessions after this, but didn’t have time to do complete transcriptions due to my school work.  I posted the above session and the additional information from the yet to be transcribed sessions as follow up story on Jeff Rense’s website on February 8, 2003.  These are the emails that were included in that story, as

well as some emails discussing other details behind the scenes.


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 9:48 AM

Subject: Laci

Hi Jeff,

I did session yesterday about something different, but the 'folks' are still working on the Peterson case. This has been the same situation with the last two sets of contact.

In one they describe the recovery of Laci's body from the area of the Berkeley Marina.  One of the interesting things is that Laci seems to be hanging out with my friends over there. She is cooking for them, and they claim she makes really good flan. The last two sessions have contained long segments where Laci herself speaks, and where the 'folks' interview her. Last night they told her about Scott selling her car and boy was she pissed. She said, "that bastard!" and "I'm mad!" and then they told her about the attempt to sell the house and she said; "What the Hell does he think he is doing? My name is on the deed."

They also talked about his various girlfriends and it seems that Laci was aware of at least one person that he worked with that he was screwing around with. Then they told her that he commits suicide and she seemed kind of happy about it until they reminded her that this meant he would be over there if he did that. She sounds much happier and more accepting of the situation. With the exception of the possibility that Scott might show up. Someone suggested that they put him in permanent therapy.

I sure hope that Scott doesn't kill himself, I really want that SOB to face the music in this dimension.

Have a great weekend,

Kind regards,

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 7:31 PM

Subject: Re: Laci

Hi Jeff,
I am glad that people are at least interested. I will put something
together and send it tomorrow. I have a couple of short clips regarding the

scuba divers and I might be able to isolate some of the things that Laci has
said about Scott. Like about how she wants his butt in prison. She calls him some

very naughty words. I won't use any of these clips.
I seem to have made Ned mad. He seems to think I am trying to trick him to
go look in the bay. I need to find someone with a boat and go and see if I
can at least locate the buoy. The man who lives next door to me has a boat,

 but I couldn't approach him with this. He is however, someone who I could
nonchalantly ask about navigation and buoys in the bay. I may try to
approach him tomorrow and see if he can answer some general questions.
I will send the update as soon as I can get it together.

From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, February 07, 2003 10:00 PM

Subject: No Problem

I have gotten so used to talking to these people that I actually begin to have a hard time thinking of them as being dead. I can see that others may not be quite ready for it yet.

I will go through the newer sessions tomorrow and see what I can find. I did another session tonight, and they were trying to give me a time frame. I will process it and have a listen tomorrow. It sounded like some interesting stuff on there.

I haven't been able to catch a news report to find out if they have heard from Scott.

I will get back to you soon.



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2003 2:20 PM

Subject: Update

Hi Jeff,

I have gotten some interesting information regarding the Laci Peterson investigation in the last several sessions that I have done. I wanted to send this along as an update.

I have given a closer listen to the February 3rd session in which I ask if they ever recover her remains.


I have attached two wav files from last night’s 2/7/2003 session which say:


Eight sail, a priest in my boat.

Go bring her up!

God dang it!

I’ll search the gruesome water and get her out myself!


The second one says:




(I have a feeling that the spirit world is becoming impatient with us.)

As I have stated in previous emails, due to the fact that this session is discussing a future event, it can be subject to changes for various reasons. I know a lot of people have a hard time understanding or accepting this, but I cannot change the nature of reality. The future is NOT carved in stone, things can change, THIS IS REALITY. This information is likely what the 'folks' view as the most probable future outcome for this situation. This is contingent on someone going to the marina and to the place described in order to recover Laci and her son's remains. I have listened to this session practically one word at a time and gone over and over it wearing headphones, so this is as close to correct as my ears are capable. I am always open to other interpretations, as I sometimes miss things. I will frequently catch them on additional listens or if I vary the speed, but I am human and as such I am as fallible as anyone else.

I have worked very hard to present all of this information as faithfully as is humanly possible. If I make a large mistake in transcribing I get in trouble, and the 'folks' yell at me. So my motivation is two fold. I don't want the 'folks' to give me my 'pink slip' AGAIN. I think I have already gotten it at least two or three times for various infractions since October of 2001. Fortunately, they have always taken me back. Someone called me an airhead a couple of days ago, then someone else came on and said: "We know you aren't an airhead Sandra, we've seen you play along with Jeopardy." At least they have a sense of humor. I will keep you posted on any further info should it become available.

Kind Regards,



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 9:45 AM

Subject: Thanks

Hi Jeff,

I hope that the text etc was all right for the story. I am sorry if the quality of the wav files was not as clear as usual. I am starting to suffer from chi depletion and need to take a little while to recharge. This happens when I work on a project as long and as intensely as I have on this one. Also, I didn't have as much time for post production as I normally do.

I am sorry if this has caused you any problems and if you have any problems hearing the wav files simply let me know and I can work on them with slowing, compressing and amplification. Other than occasional removal of extraneous sounds these are really the only things I do.

I hear that Scott Peterson has returned from Mexico. The news last night said that the Modesto police were tailing him pretty close while he was down there. THANK GOD he didn't kill himself. I think that he is pretty suicidal right now and feeling pretty cornered especially after the article that came out in the Enquirer last week.

One of the experts in voice stress analysis ran Scott's Diane Sawyer interview through the Diogenes software. Scott lied on nearly every major point. Pretty good article. It's pretty sad when you have to turn to the tabloids and the foreign press to find anything out these days.

Have a great week, I will keep you updated on any possible news.

I am going to say a prayer for Laci's family today as the tenth was supposed to be her due date.

Kind Regards,



From: "horakhti"


Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 12:35 PM

Subject: Hi Jeff

I got a lot of flack over the past couple days about the Enquirer story about Scott's boat not having salt water on it. I told people the story was wrong, but they didn't believe me, then this morning Modesto PD released a statement saying that the story was a sham. It is the only info they have officially released in quite a while. I love it when all of this proves right. I just wish someone would go and get Laci. I have a feeling that the police are trying to trick Scott by having people search out by Modesto. I wouldn't be surprised if they end up back at the Marina, hopefully sooner than later. There is another storm system coming through and I am not sure if the 'folks' can keep deflecting them much longer. It has been really amazing that since Christmas there haven't been any MAJOR storms. Several have been predicted, but then have whizzed by either North or South of here. At least three separate times the weather people have said: "Well I don't know what happened to that storm that we were supposed to get..."

I, for one, have an idea... But maybe it's JUST a coincidence...

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards,

Sandra Belanger


From: "horakhti"


Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 2:48 PM

Subject: Laci Update

Hi Jeff,

I don't know if you have seen the news or not, but the cops served a search warrant to search Scott and Laci's house this morning. I wonder if they plan to take him in. The 'folks' had said something about the one-eight, and about a couple more weeks in the sea. Today is exactly two weeks from the date of that session, and it is the 18th. It has also been "Eight friggin' weeks", as the 'folks' said, since the exact day of her disappearance. Remember, I was also told that Scott confesses in February. I wouldn't be surprised if the coward works a deal to avoid the death penalty by confessing and giving up the location of Laci and Connor's bodies. I have a feeling that this is getting very close to being resolved. If they pull up the flooring and baseboards in the kitchen by the back door they will have all of the forensic evidence that they need. It is too obvious that Scott seems to know little or nothing about blood/forensic evidence. They must have already had a significant amount to secure a warrant. The DA isn't going to screw around on a case that is this high profile. The 'folks' have started discussing the case of the missing girl in Salt Lake again. I think that may be a signal that this case is close to resolution.

Kind Regards,

Sandra Belanger


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Sent: Friday, January 24, 2003 5:05 PM

Subject: Re: Orwell.

Hi Jeff,

Sure, you can go ahead and add this letter. I think it explains in really clear and easily understandable terms how it is that this information is produced. I think when people realize this it will probably blow them away more than the actual info. It certainly does me, especially considering that they are doing this in real time, and at the speed of thought. Plus, sometimes in response to only my thoughts.

But then again, as the Laci sessions show, time is NOT the same for the 'folks'. When they are describing Laci's body, I think they are actually GOING THERE. Also, even more amazing when they describe her murder, they are able to go back into the past, and are actually AT THE CRIME SCENE, describing the events as they happen. I am sure you have noticed that they are discussing all of this in present tense. THAT is the really amazing thing. That they seemed to have taken Laci's spirit back in time with them to the crime scene and are describing it to me as it happens. Not ONCE but TWICE. The 'folks' tell the same basic story with a few differences in additional detail, on TWO DIFFERENT DAYS, on 1/5 and then again on 1/7.

Now THAT blows ME away. That is exactly what the police look for when they are questioning someone and that is why they ask the same questions over and over. It is to look for inconsistencies.




     What follows is a complete breakdown of the Peterson sessions line by line.  In each case where there is a confirmation of the spirit information, this is indicated directly below the message from the spirits.  I have also included comments about each of the statements in the transcribed sessions.


January 5, 2003  19:40:07

Do you know where Laci Peterson’s Earth body is right now?


1)  Pity you do not have it.

     First park...

     (Underwater)  (Australian Accent)

     ...close to...

     (Don’t give up!)

     ...Berkeley line.

     (Where is my Mom?)  (I am assuming this is Laci)

     BERKELEY!  Underwater


Resolution: Laci’s body washed up between ¼ and ½ mile north of the Albany Bulb, in the first park north of Berkeley, which is Point Isabel.  The Albany Bulb used to be a landfill, and although the local people are trying to make it a park, it technically is not a park.  Local developers are trying to build a hotel there.  She washed up very close to the Berkeley/Albany line.


2)  There they will see that it’s anchored in place, they missed it.


Resolution: Forensic pathologists examining the case say she was anchored or tied in place.  Otherwise she would have washed up sooner.  Also, this explains the missing head and parts of the limbs.  These detached at the points of the body that were attached to the weights. 


3)  Direct the people to start looking underwater, it’s in the deep.


Resolution: Clearly, Laci was underwater. 


4)  We can see the Bulb, but farther though.  We took the direct route there,

     we spied the Albany Bulb.  


Resolution: As I stated previously the Albany Bulb turned out to be an important land mark in the location of her body, and very close to where it eventually washed up.


5)  Please find me! (Laci)


Resolution:  Following the disclosure of Scott’s infidelity, Mrs. Rocha, Laci’s mom, made a statement in which she said that she heard Laci’s voice in her head saying a number of things that I also received.  This is one of those things.


6)  ...<pulp boat?>  or <power boat?> nearby.


Comment:  There may have been a boat near the body when I was doing the session, this would be impossible to verify.


7)  You may find that at this depth it escaped the dog’s detection.


Resolution: The body apparently did escape detection by specialized water, cadaver dogs that were brought out into the bay on boats on a number of occasions.


8)  Can Mom visit it, my grave?  (Laci)


Comment:  It was this statement that made me risk everything by going to the police and going public.  I couldn’t stand the thought of Laci and Conner staying in the bay and gradually dissipating.  I knew it was extremely important for the case as well as for the peace of mind of the family for Laci and Conner to be recovered and given a proper burial. 


9)  On good note, it’s perfect weather!


Resolution: January 5, 2003 was an exquisite spring-like day in the bay area.


10)  What did he find?

       All kinds of stuff.

       Direct them.


Resolution:  One of the problems with locating Laci is the fact that there is so much debris on the bottom of the bay.  They wanted me to go and direct the police to the site by dowsing at the scene.  This wasn’t possible.  I didn’t have a boat or access to the boat, and I couldn’t get the police to believe me.


50 Secs.



1/5/03 19:40:07

Do you know what happened to Laci Petersen?    


11)  Scott struck her head.  (Her husband’s name is Scott.) 


Resolution:  Laci’s head has never been recovered, so this cannot be confirmed.


12)  At her home.


Resolution: The Modesto Police have declared Laci’s house as the crime scene.


13)  Jesus!  Big mistake!


Resolution: From a forensic standpoint it was a very big mistake for Scott to kill his wife in their home.  Unfortunately, the police never discovered the death scene which was an area outside of the back door on the back yard pool patio between the pool and the back door. 


14)  Her eyes won’t look at that.


Comment:  It is my belief that the spirits actually take the crime victim back in time to the scene of the crime at the time that the crime is occurring.  This is due to the fact that the spirits also report the events in present tense.  This means that Laci didn’t want to watch the replay of her murder.


15)  Opened it, some mail.


Comment: She says was killed because she opened some mail and found something out that caused a fight.  In a session on May 17th Laci said that it was a card from Amber Frye containing photos.  This never came out in the trial and I originally suspected that Scott destroyed the card and the photos.  I later learned that a card and photos were returned to Amber by Scott prior to his arrest.  It is my feeling that Laci mistook this for a card from Amber as a Christmas card and opened it.


16)  I know Laci.  Come on Laci we’ll go sit down.


Comment:  This is a spirit saying to Laci that they will go and sit down in another room so she doesn’t have to watch the replay of the murder.


17)  He wrapped ‘his burden’ in the green tarp, then loaded it up outside.


Resolution: The person accused of this crime was seen carrying something wrapped in a tarp out to his truck at 9:30 am.  It wasn’t the body.  It was market umbrellas.  He left with the body in the middle of the night and took it to his warehouse.  A burglar casing the neighborhood saw Scott acting ‘fishy’ and carry something out to his truck and departing at around 3 am.


18)  He had phone, the phone it is missing.


Comment:  I am surmising that the spirits are saying that one of the phones in the house was taken because it was damaged in the struggle.  Phones frequently become damaged in situations of domestic violence when the spouse attempts to call for help.  I have never been able to confirm this as the phone was never recovered. 


19)  The tarp, he opened that, on the deck he listened, then he knelt and he hit her on her head.


Comment: This is unconfirmed.  I find this one of the most upsetting statements in the sessions.  The cold calculating way that Scott insured the death of Laci and unborn Conner is a testament to the premeditated nature of this crime.  Premeditation does not need to occur weeks or months before the crime. 


 20)   And Scott did consciously kill a human being.  Scott, sir, is doomed, tell him.  They blame him

         for this.


Resolution:  Scott Peterson was eventually convicted of this crime and sentenced to death.  This sounds oddly like the same thing that was said at the time that he was condemned by the judge on the day of his sentencing.


21)  We will repeat this over for another station. 


Comment: The spirits repeated the exact story with different wording 4 times. How’s that for consistency of statement?


22)  Scott’s in his birthday suit.


Resolution:  I guess one should never say impossible when involved in this type of research.  During the first week of May, 2003, Modesto Police took photos of Scott in the nude to prove that his hair color had only changed from the neck up.  So much for his excuse that pool chemicals caused the bleaching.  This evidence was used as a means of proving that Peterson had changed his appearance in an attempt to flee justice.  


23)  Sorry!


Comment: The ‘folks’ are funny about nakedness and may have been embarrassed to say this.


24)  In her nick-nack ,<harp?> or <heart> remember her rubies.


Comment: This may be a thought form.  Scott may have been trying to remind himself to take this jewelry when he leaves.  Scott’s half sister Anne Bird, in her book Blood Brother, said the following about a pair of earrings that she found in an auction house in Oakland while looking to buy a clock.  This book wasn’t released until March 1, 2005. 


     We didn’t see any clocks that day, but I saw something that gave me a bit of a jolt.  It   

     was a pair of platinum earrings with screw-backs.  They looked exactly like a pair I’d

     seen on Laci some months back.  I was so shaken that I asked to talk to the person in

     charge of jewelry. (Bird 88)


When the Modesto Police and Laci’s family inventoried the jewelry that Laci had recently inherited from her grandmother, the only thing missing was a pair of platinum and diamond earrings.  These contained large solitaire diamonds and were worth about $25,000.00.  This is interesting because in a session that I did on May 17, 2003, the spirits said that, SCOTT NICKS HER EARRINGS*.wav   (I believe by nicks they mean stole.)


 25)  He’s off in the bedroom packing up.


Comment: The above statement about the jewelry is made in context of his packing up the evidence, etc.  Laci was said to be wearing these earrings earlier on December 23rd when she was seen by her sister.


26)  What’s that smell?


Resolution: There was a strong odor of bleach when Modesto PD served the first search warrant.  Some of the officers smelled it but some did not.  I was later told by the spirits that this was because Scott put swimming pool chemicals over the area of the patio where he had murdered Laci.  He did this in an attempt to throw off any scenting dogs.  Due to the fact that this was on the back patio, it would only have been smelled in the kitchen when the back door was open.  Also, considering the fact that the police found the mops and bucket on the back patio, this would lend credence to the possibility that this was where he had been using them.  Not in the kitchen.


27)  Its really happening.


Comment: The ‘folks’ are able to access the scene of the crime at the time the crime is happening.  Even though this is in the past, everything that ever happens is encoded in some way and to some, this information is accessible to them in the same way that a computer file is accessible to us.  This is a reference to that.


28)  He packs the equipment.


Comment:  These things were never identified, however a pair of needle nosed pliers with one of Laci’s head hairs entwined around it was found in the bottom of Scott’s boat.


29)  Its messed up in here.  It’s broken Laci.


Comment:  The police claim that there was no struggle.  I would beg to differ.  It must be remembered that Scott had almost a full day to clean up any traces of a struggle.  Also, Laci was pretty small and it isn’t like walls are going to get busted up or anything.  Any small things that were damaged were removed from the scene by Scott. 


30)  Apparently she maced him.  Scott began coughing.  It’s not working, missed, it’s   

        not working.


Resolution:  This is unconfirmed, but the ‘folks’ claim that Laci maced the person who did this.  It didn’t work because she missed and just got it on the front of his shirt causing him to cough.  This also gave Laci enough time to break loose and run through the house to the back door.  Unfortunately Scott caught up with her and threw her to the ground.  Later, it came out in the trial that Laci did indeed have pepper spray in her purse.  This purse was found by police hanging on the back of the bedroom closet door.  The initial struggle started in the bedroom, so it would stand to reason that the purse and pepper spray would be found here.


31)  The camera, the gift that <he?> <Sarah?> gave her earlier on the ground.


Comment: UPDATE:  I  later came to the conclusion that the name being said was SHARON not SARAH.  The two names sound rather similar under difficult audio circumstances.  It would make sense for Laci's mom to to give Laci a camera in anticipation of her using it to record Conner’s “firsts” for the rest of Laci’s family to see.


32)   He defeats her, he gets her on the ground.  He’s attacking her on the ground, he’s 

        strangling her.  He ties it tight, he sits on her stomach, he has a lamp cord wrapped

        around her neck that he knots appropriately.  She can’t talk.


Resolution:  Laci’s head and neck structures were not recovered, so we can’t confirm this through autopsy.  However, Laci had several broken lower ribs.  This likely happened when Scott straddled her, while she was supine on the floor, to strangle her.  Also, there was a pair of antique Tiffany style lamps that were on a side board next to the back door that led to the pool patio.  These were inherited by Laci from an aunt.  When her family asked for the lamps, Scott refused to give them up.  He even went so far as to hide them in his lawyer’s office.  When the lamps were finally recovered by Laci’s family, one lamp shade was found to be damaged and the lamp cord had been torn from that lamp.  This would also explain why no one heard any screams the night that Laci was killed. 


UPDATE:  In December of 2005, 9 months after this thesis was written, Sharon Rocha released a book entitled FOR LACI.  On page 101 she states the following:


          Gwen had arrived a moment ahead of us.  I walked through the house again, giving  

     each room another look.  I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  It was tidy as 


          Actually, one thing did stand out – a lampshade.  When I first arrived at the house

     earlier that morning, I noticed a Tiffany style lampshade on the floor next to the

     dining room table.  I knew Laci would have been upset if it got broken, so I moved it

     into the guest bedroom.  But now it was back – in the exact same place.  Strange. 


Sharon Rocha gives additional evidence of the likelihood that Scott strangled Laci with a lamp cord on pages 129 & 130.


          He (Scott) also said (Modesto detective) Brocchini had checked his hands for cuts

     and scrapes, and then he made a point of showing me his hands.  I looked at his hands

     quickly and I saw what appeared to be a line across the knuckles of all four fingers. 

     This line, to me, looked like a cut or slice that was almost healed. 


This would be exactly the type of mark one would expect to see.  When strangling someone with a cord it would be necessary to wrap it around the back of the hand in order to gain enough purchase to pull it without slippage.  A young healthy person like Laci, fighting for her life, would take a long time to strangle.  The lamp cord would leave a red indentation across the back of the knuckles.  This would look like a healing cut.


33)  He walks outside, he throws his match out, its nice out.  That was dumb he’s not 

       done yet.  Also, he has a cigarette.


Comment:  The spirits claimed that after knotting the cord around Laci’s neck, he went and smoked a cigarette while he waited for her to die.


34)  They’re not dead yet.


Comment:  Scott wanted to make sure she was dead because she could ID him. Once the attack was initiated, in Scott's mind there was no choice but to follow through.  It was totally an act of self preservation as far a he was concerned.  "Perfect Scott" could no longer exist if he beat his heavily pregnant wife during the Christmas season.  "Perfect Scott" would be dead.  His name might get into the area papers.  Amber could find out.  I am sure that all of these things went through his head at that very go no go moment when he had to make the ultimate choice to go forward and kill them, or go make a sandwich.  He may even have justified the entire act of murder as self defense.  This would be consistant with the mindset of a narcissistic sociopath. 

Additionally, the extreme efforts made to conceal body so far from Modesto lead me to believe that the killer was known by the victim. A random nut wouldn’t have bothered to hide the body, the body would have been left at the scene of the crime.  A real nut would be going for shock value, why take the body? 


35)  <Constance?>   (Yelled over top of other name.)


Possible resolution: The Modesto Bee reported on 3/20, that a woman named Connie (Constance?) Fleeman, claimed to see Scott @ a red light on Xmas eve, with something falling from his truck.  When she tried to tell him he sped off.


36)  I’m thinking of <unintelligible>... I want to be with her.


Comment:  This is a thought form from Scott.  The spirits were disturbed by this, but it is frequently reported by criminal profilers and psychologists that some people become sexually aroused when killing others.  After killing Laci, all Scott could apparently think about was being with Amber Frye.  This would be backed up by the fact that he called her repeatedly claiming to be in numerous romantic locations in Europe when in reality he was in Modesto dealing with Laci’s family and the police.


37)  Be with her?!  Like making love?!  After that!?  The other one? Good grief, you

        are insane, you are hopeless!


Comment:  this is the spirits commenting on the fact that Scott could brutally kill his wife one minute and then be thinking about making love to his mistress the next.


38)  Great example <unintelligible>...


Comment: This would be sarcasm, no doubt.


39)  He has problems with a woman? 

 Very possibly so, but that won’t help HER.  (meaning Laci)


Resolution: This session was conducted on 1/5, Jeff Rense saw it within a couple of days of that, on 1/8.  On January 24, 2003, Scott’s mistress, Amber Frye, made a public statement about her torrid love affair with Laci’s husband.  She had been outed by the tabloids and came forward in order to attempt to stave of the press stampede, she also came forward to do the right thing.  A rare event in today's world...


40)  A dead mother.  Jesus!


Resolution:  At this point on January 7, 2003, the rest of the world held out hope that Laci was still alive.  The spirits, Laci, and I knew the sad truth.


41)  Technology makes strange bedfellows on God’s business.


Comment: This is one of my all time favorite statement from the spirits.  EVP/ITC in conjunction with the computer allows me, a living person, to work with the dead to help the dead.  The computer allows me to pass the information on to the authorities.


42)  Can you tell my mother...?


Comment: The final statement is by Laci herself.  The complete information is available for the family, and I am available to Laci’s family (whenever they may be ready) or the authorities, at any time, at any place, free of any charge.  If ever they wish to speak to Laci, I would gladly facilitate that for them.  She is one of the chattiest people that I have ever talked to on the other side.  I am sure she would be grateful for the chance to speak directly to her family or to the police in order to tell them what happened to her.  When the spirits started calling her “Jaws”, I expected the worst and thought that a shark had consumed her.  However, I later learned that her stepfather’s nick name for her when she was a child was “Jabber Jaws” due to the fact that Laci, even as an adult, was known to talk nonstop.


January 7, 2003  #2

Where is Lacy Peterson?


43)  Your reception, your feed here is good.  Incredible, considerable! Little Angel.

        Incredible! You’re a friend of mine, please smile.


Comment: This is just the spirits greeting me and telling my reception on their end is good.  In most sessions they greet me before getting down to business.  There are also sessions when they are unhappy with me for some infraction or another and they just bust right in ragging on me.


44)  I said apparently, they better find Laci, with all that looking there.  ...Laci.


Resolution:  During this time frame, several law enforcement agencies were searching the bay with various boats, divers, cadaver dogs and sonar technology.


45)  An instruction book, isn’t that what they find, and a list?


Comment: I think the spirits are saying that the police found a murder ‘to do’ list.  This is more common than you would think.  They have been the most damning evidence in a number of cases.  This was never confirmed during the trial.  However, the lead detective, Craig Grogan offered his “list” of 41 things that made him believe that Scott Peterson was guilty in the murder of his wife. 


46)  Citizen Craig found it.


Resolution: “The Modest Bee” says the officer who served the search warrants and

arrested Scott was CRAIG Grogan.  He was the lead detective on the case, but this was kept quiet in order to keep the press from hounding him.  As mentioned above he developed his own “Craig’s list” of details that made him believe that Scott was guilty. 

Some of the 41 reasons cited by Craig Grogan:

  • A tracking dog detected the victim's scent on a bay boat launch used by Peterson. 
  • Peterson said his angling excursion was impromptu, but he purchased a two-day fishing license four days before the trip.
  • The tackle in his boat was primarily freshwater, leaving him unprepared for successful bay fishing. 
  • He returned to the bay three times after her disappearance. 
  • He paid cash for the boat and never registered it.
  • A boat cover large enough to hide a body was later found under a leaf blower that was leaking gas.
  • He had large patio umbrellas in his truck bed. The detective said the umbrellas were the same height as Laci Peterson and would be a convenient explanation if anyone saw him loading something large into his truck.



47)  Guilt at you disposing of it.


Comment: The spirits are talking about the disposal of Laci and Conner’s body.  It would be the location of these “disposed” of bodies that would put the proverbial noose around Scott’s neck.


48)  I overheard somebody here say:  ‘I confused this cop.’


Comment:  It was very apparent from the earliest days of the investigation that Scott thought that the cops were stupid and that he was so intelligent that he could fool them.  Oh, how wrong he was…  


49)  I’m so scared!


Comment: This is probably Laci.


50)  He strangled her first sis.  He did? <I'm scared>.


Comment:  As stated previously, due to the state of the body when recovered this is impossible to confirm.  The “I’m scared” is Laci speaking in the background.  Throughout the sessions she frequently interjects comments.  At some points the spirit guides had to tell her to please be quiet.  Eventually she just started talking herself and providing first hand information in spite of their pleas to be quiet.


51)  That hurt.  Are you O.K.?  I’m dreamin’!


Comment: People who haven’t accepted their demise frequently think they are dreaming.


52)  What stinks? It’s MACE!  O.K. Ummm!


Comment: Once again, the spirits described bad smells, including pepper spray.  Was this why the police were initially denied entrance to the Peterson home?  Scott asked them to get a search warrant before searching the house.  Pepper spray was found in Laci’s purse.  This was discussed in evidence at the preliminary hearing. 


53)  He brought those weapons in here to help, real accouterments.


Resolution:  A pair of needle nosed pliers with strand of Laci’s hair entwined in it was found under the seat of Scott’s boat.


54)  Scott struck her head.


Comment:  The police claim that Conner was not born at the time of the murder.  Something happened of this nature, to make Scott think

 that Laci was still alive.  Perhaps the bag of waters broke.  In any case, Scott was concerned enough about this as a possible sign of life, that he felt the need to strike Laci on the head with a metal pipe.


55)  Is there a pulse?


Comment:  Scott was concerned enough that he felt the need to see if there was still a pulse after striking her.


56)  Call her mother.


Comment:  The spirits don’t always understand that I don’t have the ability to just contact certain people. They seemed to think that I could just walk into Modesto PD and join in the investigation.  Clearly, this was not an option.   As stated in Chapter 20 of FOR LACI, it was Sharon Rocha who eventually saw my work online and believed me.  She brought my articles at to the attention of Craig Grogan. 


57)  (The sound of hammering, metal on metal.)


Comment: Sometimes I also hear various sounds produced at the crime scene at the time of the crime.  Scott must have been hammering on something at some point.


58)  Put her false husband in custody.


Resolution:  Once the bodies were found and identified, Scott was put in custody.  The comment false husband certainly fits Scott Peterson.


 59)  This is Bannerman.


Comment:  I have never been able to figure out what was meant by this or who or what Bannerman was.  This is one of those head scratchers.


60)  Its four o’clock, fuck! gotta go!


Comment:  Scott left the house with the body in the early morning hours of December 24, 2003.  He brought Laci’s body to his warehouse where he packaged her up and attached the cement anchors to his body.  He then left the warehouse at about 4am.  This would have him arriving in Berkeley sometime around 6am.  At this time of the year, it would have still been dark and he could have dumped the body without being seen.  Also, according to tidal charts the tide was flowing back out at this time. When the police examined Scott’s computer, they found evidence that he had checked the tidal information in the days prior to the murder.  It is highly likely that Scott thought that Laci’s body would be pulled out to sea by the receding tide.  This did not happen.  His trip to Berkeley when he left at around 10:30 or 11am, was simply to establish an alibi. 


61)  Up top the hill, little accident there on third.


Comment:  The reason why Scott had to admit to going to the Berkeley Marina was that he ran into a pier at the top of the boat ramp.  He was observed by people at the marina when this occurred and could no longer go with his previously arranged alibi of going golfing. 


62)  He’ll see to it that there is no double jeopardy.


Resolution:  Scott hung himself with his own behavior.  Everything he did drew attention to his guilt.  One of the network interviews that Scott did was actually used as evidence against him in his trial.


 63)  Don’t confess.


Comment:  This is a thought form by the killer to himself.  Scott, like most killers, had an internal psychological compulsion to confess.  The spirits said that he did confess to his mother Jackie and his father Lee Peterson on the day after the murder.  It happened while he was getting ready to leave the Berkeley Marina after establishing his alibi.  This phone call to his mom was confirmed by cell phone records. 


64)  They cannot hold Lisa.


Comment: Laci reportedly has a friend named Lisa.  This could also be in regard to a case that I was asked to look into by a man named Ned Johnston about a month later.  They may have been telling me that they couldn’t keep that person there until Ned asked me about the case.


65)  What about my son?


Comment: In the beginning Laci was there alone, then Connor was there with her.  I can’t explain this.


66)  Your husband murdered you.


Resolution:  Scott was eventually convicted of his wife’s murder and sentenced to death.    Sometimes when souls first get to the other side, they seem to almost be in a state of shock.  This can cause amnesia it seems, for a period of time.  After a while, they seem to be able to accept the details and then they remember what happened to them. 


67)  “It happened in your house.”


Resolution: Modesto PD declared the Peterson home at 523 West Covina in Modesto to be the scene of the crime.


68)  It was a bad idea to go fish...


Comment:  This is obviously a reference to Scott’s bad choice of alibi.


69)  Where’s my Pappy, where’s my Mom?


Comment:  Laci...


70)  They’re surprised, they’re being told.  Breakfast was hard for them, they can’t accept it, that 

        you are dead.  They are having fruit.


Comment: The spirits are talking about Laci’s family.  I am assuming that this must be Christmas day. 


71)  Tell me what happened.


Comment:  This is Laci asking the spirits to tell her the details of what happened.  I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it would be to have to accept the details of this murder.


72)  He explained it already, you must accept it.


Comment: Someone says that they already told her what happened.  She is having a hard time accepting her death.


73)  He had to do what was predictable, that he would kill her, like some bunch of cut

        throats, for example.


Comment: The spirits are saying that the person who did this had to make sure that she was dead.  Also they are stating that the betrayal of Laci by her husband was very “cutthroat” in nature.


74)  Apparently it was all over, there was a metal pipe nearby.


 Resolution:  During the search of the Berkeley Marina and the surrounding area, the dog handlers found a number of objects that were located by the dogs.  One of these items is mentioned in one of the books about the case, A Deadly Game by Catherine Crier.


     The police also found pieces of duct tape stuck to some of the rocks in the area, and 

     one officer located a dense metal rod that was wrapped in duct tape.  Although the rod

     broke into pieces when he attempted to dislodge it from the rocks, he kept it as

     evidence.  (Crier 342)


75)  First one, present note a death knell.


Comment:  Although Laci would have died from the ligature strangulation, the spirits are saying that the blunt force trauma to the head is what actually killed her.


76)  Here are the details.


Comment:  This is self explanatory.


77)  What happened dude?


Comment:  The spirits are asking either asking Laci about why this happened or another spirit has just joined the group and is asking what happened.


78)  When we moved to Central California, because they don’t discriminate in the schools.


Comment:  Laci and Scott had relocated a couple of years earlier from San Luis Obispo because Laci felt that Modesto was a better place to raise a family.  Laci wanted to live near her family and she felt the schools were better.


79)  We split up for six weeks this past May, because we were unhappy.  We did not say

        anything because we didn’t <unintelligible>.


Comment:  I have never been able to confirm this.  If it happened it was kept very quiet by both Scott and Laci.


80)  And he still killed her.


Comment: I guess the spirits thought that divorce might have been a better option.


81)  Check this out, Laci, what are these envelopes?


Resolution: “The Modesto Bee” on 3/10/03 stated that:  “Police investigating Laci Peterson’s disappearance obtained permission to search an envelope recovered in one of her husband’s vehicles.”


82)  Check for something in the mailbox, these are critical.  It is out of the usual.


Resolution:  Also, in a report with “The Modesto Bee” dated 4/21/03 they reported that

“A judge has ruled that investigators are not allowed to see the contents of an envelope

that Modesto PD found during the search of Scott’s home.”  I have always wondered if this was the

Christmas card from Amber Frye.  The contents of the envelope were never disclosed during the trial.


January 7th, 2003

Do you know who killed Laci? 

Can you give me a more exact

location of her body in the Berkeley Marina?


83)  Hi Sandra


Comment:  They are greeting me.


84)  Her own husband.  Who did the deed?  Her own husband did.  Yikes, I didn’t know that.  I feel  

        bad for her.  O.K., I’ll talk.


Resolution: Scott was eventually charged, convicted, and sentenced to the death penalty for Laci’s murder.


85)  Who put it there?  Scott, roped her to the fifth buoy, beside the marker buoy. 

        Anchored in place.


Resolution:  In early January of 2003, I dowsed a spot on a map of the S.F. Bay that turned out to be very close to the fifth buoy marker, which is near the middle of the channel between Brooks Island and the Albany Bulb.  At that time I marked that spot on the map that I used for dowsing then extrapolated it onto an online map of the area that I downloaded from Yahoo.  In August of 2004, a map of the same area was entered into evidence in Scott Peterson’s murder trial.  This map was created by a hydrologist from NOAA.  Using the locations where Laci and Conner washed up, he was able to figure out where Scott had initially dumped their bodies by using the wind and tide information.  This was the map used by the FBI and other local law enforcement agencies to plan the grid search of the San Francisco Bay.  This map was not made public however, until August, 2004 when it was entered into evidence in the trial.  Immediately following this page is a copy of the NOAA map, as well as a copy of my map.  Following those maps, I have created a transparency overlay of the two maps (the NOAA map superimposed over my map) in order to demonstrate exactly how close my reported location of the bodies was to the location depicted by the NOAA map.  The difference, of course, is that I had this information in early January 2003.  The NOAA map wasn’t produced until after the bodies were located.  The scientist needed the location of the bodies in order to extrapolate the dump site.  At this point the law enforcement agencies could use the info to try and find the initial dump site in an effort to recover additional evidence, like the cement anchors and possibly the rest of Laci Peterson’s human remains.


My map indicating the location in San Francisco Bay 

where Scott Peterson submerged the bodies of

Laci and Conner.  Created in January 2003

three months BEFORE the bodies washed up.

Large X marks location where bodies where placed.


 Map produced by Dr. Ralph Cheng of NOAA

indicating location where bodies were submerged.

Created after the bodies washed up in April 2003

entered into evidence August 2004.Yellow highlighted

square most probable initial dumping location.



 86)  Thanks dude!  Yeah, thanks dude.  Just doing my part.  All of us are trying to do the best that

        we can.


Comment: The spirits worked really hard on this case.  It takes huge amounts of energy for them to do this, they had to all work together.  Some members from the Fish Group also assisted.


87)  Here’s your reply:  It’s anchored to the fifth buoy near the end.


Comment:  They are making sure I heard the location.



February 3, 2003

Will Laci’s body be recovered?


88)  After she goes for a couple more weeks in the sea.


Comment:  A couple more weeks actually turned into ten weeks total.




Resolution:  If you add the stated couple of weeks (2) to the date of the session, which was done on February 3rd you get the 17th of February, if you add eight weeks to that,  you get April 14th.  Laci’s body washed up at Point Isabel on April 14th.   


90)  We heard whose boat you use.


Comment:  At this same time, I was working on trying to get a boat and a diver.  This did not work out.


91)  There’s just one thing, that you will not be patient.


Comment:  They frequently complain of this aspect of my personality.


92)  This is the end.  On one-eight.  (The 18th?)


Resolution: The end did come on the One Eight.  On April 18th, the bodies were formally identified and Scott was arrested. Also, the Modesto PD served the 2nd search warrant on

February 18.  For two weeks prior to Scott’s arrest, every time I would ask about the bodies I was told “on the day of the great earthquake.”  So, I told everyone I knew including Jeff that the spirits had said something about a great earthquake.  It was brought to my attention on April 16th at a lecture about the research that I was conducting, that April 18th was the anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake and fire of 1906.  Considering that I have lived and worked in the San Francisco area for over twenty years, I should have gotten this.  It turned out that the bodies were identified and Scott arrested on April 18th, the anniversary of the S.F. earthquake.


93)  In fact, there’s a scuba diver there.  They pull up the scuba diver.  We may be repeatin'. 


Comment: The police repeated the searches many times.   There likely were divers there on February 3rd when I did this session.  Also, the divers were there again on May 18th, the spirits predicted this event and called it a regatta because law enforcement had so many boats on the bay searching for evidence.  I had mentioned this regatta to a number of people at least a couple of weeks ago.  Not being a boat type person I actually had to ask Jeff what it was.  It is a boat race, and the video footage showing the large number of boats from many different jurisdictions all searching the bay, did look like a regatta.


94)  Then Ned goes in, with a boat. 


Comment: This was one of my bigger mistakes.  This person had contacted me regarding the possibility of obtaining a boat.  I told this person about the prophecy, it changed the timeline.  Frequently, in fact almost always, if you tell someone about a predicted event that is about them it changes the event.  There is a definate learning curve involved in this work.  I went back and listened to this sessions again and they told me not to tell him, I missed that the first time. 


95)  Through the park with the boats to the sea, in the sea. We’re off to check it.


Comment:  Had I not said anything to Ned Johnston this may have happened.  It is hard to say, but the spirits saw it as a viable possibility.  Unfortunately this discipline is pretty much the outer edge of cutting edge, and as such I have had to play it by ear.  There is no direction manual.


96)  Busted! We caught you!


Resolution:  Scott was eventually arrested and convicted.


97)  You should say pull her up!  We found her!


Comment: I did try many, many times to get people to listen to me and to go and get her.  I never doubted for a second that this information was correct.  There was a great deal of frustration on the other side about the fact that no one would listen to us.


98)  Send Jeff down, I want you to go down and pass the dead girl up.


Comment: I was trying to get a friend of mine, Jeff F., a paramedic and scuba diver, to go and see if there was anything in the place specified. 


99)  Strange looking.  Put it here.  Yes, Laci is basically bones.


Resolution:  Laci’s remains were basically skeletal when finally recovered.


100)  I predict that down there is the big baby as well as Laci.


Resolution:  The spirits have maintained since the first session that Laci and Connor were separate, but wrapped up together.  This seems to have been correct when considering that the bodies washed up within twenty four hours and one mile of each other.  The baby’s body, being lighter and more buoyant would have traveled farther from the point of dispersal.  Conner was so large that the coroner in Contra Costa County at first thought that he was a full term baby.


101)  Thirteen (or thirty) feet down.  With the fish.


Comment:  The water at the end of the shipping channel in the area of the Fifth buoy is 30 feet deep.


102)  I love you, your spirit never gives up.


Comment:  The EVP voices have always said that one of the main reasons that they trust me is that I never give up.  


103)  Laci’s with her son in heaven.


Comment:  I hope this brings some small relief to Laci’s family.  I am currently working to find out exactly what or where heaven is.  Still working....


104)  It was difficult for her, however, she was up here a little longer, as an intuitive

          helping me, help you out.


Comment:  The ‘folks’ have maintained all along that Laci was there helping them.  In fact she is still there with them whenever I call in order to help with the communication.



These are other confirmed statements that were not contained in the session

transcripts.  Most are contained in the various emails.


105)  I drove through the Berkeley Marina, my perception was that Laci was on the

  North and not the South side.


Resolution:  This eventually proved true, she was found north of the Berkeley Marina.


106)  In addition to noting the Albany Bulb, the spirits said that she would be on the side

        where they make art.


Resolution: Artists build sculptures on the North or right side of the tip of Albany Bulb out of found debris. Laci was found just north of there.  You could see the art from where she washed up.


107)  A shot of the Berkeley Marina appeared on my TV on 1/11/03, blocking a different

         TV show.


Resolution: Laci was found near the Berkeley Marina.


108)  On 1/16/03 I gave the details of where Laci’s body is tethered and anchored.


Resolution: It has been reported in the press that her body may have been spotted by sonar in this location as early as the second week of January.


109)  I discuss that Scott Peterson was soaked when his boat almost swamped

        when dumping the body over.


Resolution:  Scott took a shower, changed his clothes and put his other clothes in the laundry, before looking for Laci or reporting her missing as he was soaked with sea water.  He told the police that he had gotten soaked with sea water while fishing.  He never opened the fishing lures he bought.  When the police asked Scott what he was fishing for, even though it was the same day he had gone fishing, he couldn’t tell them immediately.


110)  This hit is one of my personal favorites as it shows how many in the spirit world can come together to

          help each other.  On 1/17/03, in an email to Jeff, I said that Chandra Levy was helping us.


Resolution:  I was worried about saying this.  I know it sounds crazy, but this is what I was told. Chandra came and said that they find Laci on her, Chandra’s birthday.  The spirits asked her if she meant the death birthday or the ‘other’ one.  Chandra said “the other one.” Chandra’s death birthday is the day she died 5/1/2001. We have 2 birthdays on the other side.  Laci’s body was found washed up on 4/14/03.  Chandra’s DOB is 4/14.

Chandra was one of the first cases that I worked with EVP.  It was an early attempt and some good information was gotten. 


111)  In an email to Jeff dated 2/7/03, I told Jeff the spirits said that Laci is hanging out

        with them and cooking for them.  The spirits said she makes good flan.



Resolution:  The one overwhelming thing that all of Laci’s friends and acquaintances have said about Laci, was that Laci loved to cook.  When I told Jeff about this transmission, he thought that it would be a little too strange for the general public.


112)  In an email to Jeff on 2/18/2003, I speculated that the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case would soon be

         resolved.  The EVP voices were repeatedly mentioning the name of Elizabeth Smart's little sister, Mary

         Katherine.  Mary Katherine eventually broke the case when she remembered the name of the man

         whose voice she heard the night her sister was taken.


Resolution: Elizabeth Smart was found alive soon after this.  I never stated that she was dead, contrary to some reports.  I simply said that her parents weren't ready to accept this possibility.  I never actually did sessions for this case.  The info was heard in passing while listening to Laci Peterson's sessions.  I frequently get info about a number of diverse subjects when conducting sessions.   This can actually complcate things.


113)  I emailed Jeff on 3/1/03 and discuss the fact that Laci was still with the spirits and

        learning to project her voice really well.


Resolution: I said this because she had become so chatty that the spirits would have to say, “Laci you can’t talk now the spirit is communicating.”  Then she would say sorry. I have more wav files of Laci talking to me than any other spirit I have ever talked to.  This chattiness was discussed as a trait of Laci’s at the memorial service.


114)   On 5/3/03, I wrote to Jeff in an email that Laci was really upset about the fact that the body hadn’t 

           been fully recovered.  I told him that the spirits had said that these were still in bay waters.  Then they

           said “Stillwater Cove”.  I told him I would look to see if it was a real place, as I didn’t know if there

           was such a place in the area.


Resolution:  I did a search on Yahoo and found out it was in Sonoma County, but then I noticed that the web PAGE about Stillwater Cove, was on a web SITE for THE RADISSON HOTEL AT THE BERKELEY MARINA.  This sometimes happens with these communications and seem to act as a form of shorthand.  These incongruous terms that are shouted out seem to act like AOL keywords.  When I search in Yahoo or Google, usually the first or second source listed in the search ends up containing additional information about the current topic that we are discussing.  This has happened over and over and I always look for these “key words” in the text of the sessions.  The spirits also say that additional remains have washed up near the sea wall there.  Law enforcement please bring a cadaver dog to that area. 

As discussed previously in regard to the metal pipe that was recovered in this same area, law enforcement did bring cadaver dogs to this area after the bodies washed up, the dogs alerted to some cloth that washed up in the sea wall.  Something else was also reported a few days after the bodies turned up.  This was reported in A Deadly Game by Catherine Crier.  This book was not released until March 15, 2005.


          At 5:50 in the evening, police received a call from a woman reporting a suspicious  

     incident.  While she and her husband were dining at a restaurant called Skates over the

     weekend, the couple noticed something unusual in the bay through the restaurant’s

     window.  It looked like dark brown or black hair bobbing up and down with the waves

     about 150 feet from the water’s edge.  She said “the hair” did not appear to be

     attached to a person, which is the reason she didn’t report it.  It wasn’t until hearing

     the news that the police had recovered a headless body at Point Isabel, about three

     miles north of the restaurant, that she realized that the incident might be significant. 

     (Crier 341)


Skates Restaurant is directly across the Berkeley Marina boat basin from The Radisson

Hotel.  This is now called the Doubletree.  See Map.


Number 32 is Skates Restaurant.  Number 11 is the Doubletree.  This was called

the Radisson Hotel at the time of the discovery of Laci and Conner’s bodies in 2003.



     Even after Laci and Conner washed up where I said they would be people still wouldn’t believe us.  I was finally contacted on May 16, 2003 by Detective Craig Grogan of the Modesto Police Department.  Earlier that day I had driven to Modesto because I had found out that a woman had called him claiming to be calling on my behalf and with my permission.  I had decided to go in person and attempt to speak with him at the Modesto Police Department.  That way I would be able to present proper identification and proof that I was the Peterson case “Sandra.”  He wasn’t there.  He had gotten so many calls and emails about my work

however, that he finally decided to contact me later that same day.  I spoke to him for close to an hour on the phone and gave him all of the information that I had gotten since the beginning of the case.  I couldn’t really tell whether he believed me or whether he thought I was a nut.  During our conversation Detective Grogan did say something that I found very interesting.  He said that as a normal course of the investigation it was important for him to contact me in order to clear me as a suspect.


     Even though I had tremendous hope that the work on this case would finally bring the respect to the research that it deserved, this wasn’t to be.  I didn’t let this stop the research though.  I had every intention of following Laci’s case through to its eventual conclusion and doing whatever I could to make certain that Scott was brought to justice for the murder of his wife and baby.  I continued to do sessions and speak to Laci and the helper spirits.  In May, the FBI and the Modesto Police Department conducted a massive search for the rest of Laci’s remains and any possible evidence that could be recovered.  Some things were found, but in many cases they couldn’t be tied to the case.  I did several more sessions during the month of May in an attempt to help find the evidence necessary to convict Scott.  Laci had repeatedly asked me to please help find the rest of her body.  By this point Laci’s energy was back to full strength and she was no longer confused.  She knew full well what had happened to her, and she was determined to make certain that Scott paid for what he had done. 


     In an amazing session on May 17, 2003, the day after I had spoken to Craig Grogan, Laci gave me the name of her murderer, her exact time of death, and the actual location of the murder in just a few short sentences.


May 17, 2003 13:07:31





When this amazing wav file is played backwards it gives the time of death.




Laci then told me something that had been confusing me since the beginning of the case, the exact location on her property where she was killed.  It had been impossible to glean this fact from the previous sessions.




Prior to this session I had not been able to put the whole scenario together.  In addition to the above statements Laci went through the entire evening and filled in the gaps.  Over the next year, I had to devote most of my time to schoolwork.  In May of 2004, a jury was selected and the court trial began.  By June it began to look like the prosecutors might not be able to convict Scott.  The case was almost completely dependant on circumstantial evidence.  Laci begged me to please contact Craig Grogan and give him the information that she had given me in May of 2003.  I was somewhat leery of approaching the police again, but on June 30, 2004 I prepared a final report on the case and sent it to Craig Grogan.  This is that report.


June 30, 2004

Modesto Police Dept.

Modesto , CA

Attn:  Detective Craig Grogan

Dear Detective Grogan,

     My name is Sandra Belanger, I am not sure if you will remember me or not, I am the “paranormal” researcher that you spoke to by phone on the evening of May 16, 2003 regarding the Laci Peterson case.  I have not contacted you again before now due to the fact that I simply assumed that you had written me off as a kook.  However, I felt that it was my responsibility to provide you with my final findings on what happened to Laci and Conner Peterson.  I am not doing this to “attach” myself to the case, I am doing it out

of an obligation to my client. 

     In the final analysis of the evidence that I have become aware of, as well as my research findings, this  is what I believed happened to Laci and Conner.  I will try to provide times whenever possible.  If I am unsure of the order of the flow of the narrative I will tell you.  Also, I am unsure as to premeditation.  If Scott was planning to do his wife in, it did not go down at the time or place that he had planned. 


December 23, 2002  20:30


     Laci hangs up from speaking to her mother.  Laci realizes that she hasn’t fed the cat and goes to do that.  She finds out that there is no pet food for the cat so Laci asks Scott if he could please go to the store and pick some up.  Scott tries to decline by saying he doesn’t have any cash.  Laci suggests using a credit card.  Scott gets testy and gives Laci a bunch of crap about their credit cards and how they shouldn’t use them for stupid

things because the balances are so high.  She finally convinces him and he leaves to go to the store.  (I think this would be easy for you to check as I am sure that you must have Scott’s credit card records.)  I suspect he may have secretly wanted to get away for a few minutes anyway in order to call Amber.  I have wondered if that was why he appeared to be gone for so long.

     It is about 21:00 by the time he leaves.  Laci busies herself around the house, picking up from dinner, she gets the day’s mail and sits down on the sofa to open it.  She puts her feet up.  She is opening the mail, then I can hear that she has stopped opening things and is reading or looking at something.  I can hear paper shuffling. She is just sitting there for a while reading whatever this is and then Scott walks into the room and says, “I fed the cat.”  Laci goes off like a rocket, she says, “When did you have time to do this?”  “Who is this.”  She is really angry and rightfully so.  I am assuming from what is said that this was a Christmas card or some other communication from Amber containing the pictures of some sort.  Possibly these were the photos of Amber and Scott at the party.  Scott tries to play it off like Amber is just a friend or a professional acquaintance, but Laci is having none of it.  Laci says that she doesn’t look like “just a friend” in these pictures. 

     Laci takes her purse and walks into the bed room.  She says that she is going to go to her Mother’s house.  She also says that she is going to ruin Scott and that he is going to be left with nothing by the time she is done with him.  She is in the bedroom alone for a few minutes.  She is packing some things to bring with her.  She takes off her pajamas and puts them in a bag to bring with her to her mom’s house.  She takes the pants she had on and puts them on, she still has her bra on, she doesn’t have time to put the shirt on.  Scott comes raging into the bedroom and attacks Laci.  The weird thing is that he doesn’t say anything when he does this, it seems to be a silent attack.  There is no immediate verbal fighting leading up to it.  He doesn’t say anything to Laci in response to her comments that she is going to ruin him.  He knows he is had and he sees everything he owns along with his reputation about to walk out the door. 

     By now it is probably about 22:15 - 22:25 December 23rd.  They wrestle around for a bit.  Laci may have had pepper spray in her purse and sprayed it at Scott, but it missed and just got on his shirt.  According to the

source of the information Scott only coughed a little, but this allowed Laci to break free for a minute and she ran through the house toward the kitchen and the back doors that lead outside to the patio.  She almost gets out the door. 

     It is about 22:30.  Scott grabs Laci, pulls her back in and throws her to the floor, he wraps an electrical cord around her neck.  He begins strangling her on the floor by the door with a cord from an electric lamp.  He then drags her outside, and I assume ripping the cord

from the lamp, either that or there is a damaged lamp somewhere.  He is afraid that evidence could be left in the house.  He continues to strangle her by the pool. 


“He choked me by the swimming pool.”


Was one of the clearest statements that I got from Laci.  Scott is sitting on Laci’s stomach straddling her as her strangles her.  I suspect that this caused Laci to begin to go into labor due to what happens next.  Scott tightly knots the lamp cord, once Laci is unconscious.  He then smokes a cigarette and waits for Laci to die.  According to the source, Scott actually became sexually aroused during the act of homicide.  While smoking the cigarette he is thinking about Amber.  It is my belief that due to this fact, Scott may kill again if he is allowed to go free.  He returned to the body and he notices that Laci has started to give birth, I am not sure if the water broke, or exactly what happened, but this made Scott think that Laci was still alive.  He wanted to make sure she was dead so Scott went and got something out of one of the vehicles and hit Laci over the

head with a cylindrical metal bar of some type, like a tire iron, or maybe THE CLUB.  He may have put her on a tarp prior to hitting her or after, I am not sure, but according to the research Laci’s exact time of death was 22:39 December 23, 2002.  I have one very clear wav file on which Laci says:


“The reason I’m dead is Scott killed me.” 


When this same audio file is played backwards, it says:


“We needed help. Ten thirty-nine we were dead.”


     Scott wanted to be extra certain that Laci was dead, so while he was cleaning up he would periodically go back, pull back the tarp and listen, and then hit Laci again with the metal object.  Scott waits a little while until he is sure no one would see him put Laci in the truck.  He wraps the body a little more securely and moves it off of the spot where Laci was killed.  He then takes the swimming pool chemicals and pours it all over the

spot by the pool where Laci died.  He then puts the empty container in the recycling bin.  It is my belief that this is the bleach smell that some people smelled, but due to the fact that it was on the back patio and not in the kitchen, people would have noticed it only if the back door was open or had just been opened.  Also this would explain the bucket and mop on the back patio, if it was in fact the place where Scott had been using it.  Also, when he made the statement about the cadaver dogs, he made it because he was worried and unsure whether the pool chemicals would be able to mask the scent of Laci’s death on the pool patio. 

     Scott then loads Laci and Conner up into his truck and drives to the warehouse.  In my estimation, it was probably  between midnight and 01:00 on Christmas eve morning.  Then he puts Laci’s legs together and tapes them shut with duct tape. Scott takes Laci’s earrings.  (The source has said that there is trace evidence on some of the jewelry, I am assuming blood, Laci’s blood.)  He attaches the cement anchors to the neck and limbs, and he packages the bodies up in greenish black plastic, and a couple of tarps.  He puts Laci and Conner in the boat.  I am not certain how he does this, perhaps wedging her into a semi-fetal position between the seats, or placing her on her back with her legs up on the seat.  The latter scenario seems more likely.  He ties a cover tightly across over the top of the whole boat, and starts for the Berkeley Marina. 

     It is 04:00 December 24th.  When leaving the warehouse he apparently gets into a minor car accident at the top of the hill on Modesto.  So, either this witness has failed to come forward or it was Scott hitting something other than another vehicle.* 


*Added 3/7/05 (The accident actually happened at the Berkeley Marina.  Scott hit a pier with the boat trailer.  The top of the hill referred to the top of the boat ramp.  The accident happened at the top of the boat ramp.  I need to go and look to see what they meant by 3rd.  Maybe the third boat slip.)


     I am estimating that with so few cars on the road, he gets to the Berkeley Marina and puts the boat in the water just before 06:00.  Scott doesn’t bring any cell phones on this trip.  This was the time of day when the tides were at their strongest ebb.  Scott, no doubt, thought that this would pull Laci and Conner out to sea.  Also, it was close to the shortest day of the year and it would have still been dark.  Scott motors over toward Richmond past The Albany Bulb, it is choppy and takes him longer than he thought it would.  Enroute he disposes of two packages containing bloody clothing and the metal object that he used to hit Laci.  There may have been other tools, as well.  There may have also been a telephone from the house which became damaged in the struggle when Laci tried to call for help.  It may have been the bedroom phone.  Scott then motors up to the 5th Buoy and ties his boat securely to it.  When I was told:


 “Scott put it there, roped to the 5thbuoy.” 


I thought it meant that he had tied Laci’s body to the 5th buoy and sunk it to the bottom.  In retrospect, however, I have come to believe that they meant that he roped his boat to the buoy in order to keep it from

capsizing when he rolled the package with Laci and Conner’s bodies out of the boat.*  Also, if he puts the buoy between his boat and the shore it would offer some cover in order that people wouldn’t see him dumping the body.  Even so, when he rolled the body in the bay Scott still took on a lot of water and it was touch and go for a bit.  Alfred Hitchcock could not have come up with a more bizarre scenario.  A man kills his wife

then almost sinks the boat while dumping the body.  Harrowing!  Scott then motors back as fast as he could and was probably on the road back to Modesto before 8am, maybe earlier if he had gotten there earlier and if it took less time to get to the 5th buoy than I have estimated.   There wouldn’t have been any traffic and he could have dropped the boat off at the warehouse and made it home just in time to set up his alibi between 9:30 - 10am. 


*Added 11/27/07.  I have since come to believe that they meant both, that Scott tied the boat to the buoy while dumping the bodies and loosely tethered the package containing the bodied to the bouy.


     Scott gets home, quickly changes out of his wet clothes and loads the umbrellas into the truck in order to explain away the possibility that someone had seen him putting something in the truck.  He put the leash on the dog and on the way to the warehouse dropped it off near the park.  He then went back to the warehouse, picked up the boat and was at the Berkeley  Marina just before 13:00.  He may have been tired having been up all night or he may have been intentionally attracting attention to himself while he was launching the boat.  That way he could have witnesses that would say they didn’t see anything in the boat.  He motored over to the same area by the 5th Buoy and double checked to make sure nothing had floated up.  He then motored back to the marina loaded up by about 14:30.  

     Some time around this time Scott calls his mother on the cell phone.  He says to Jackie Peterson, I am paraphrasing, “hypothetically speaking what if Laci and the baby are dead?”  She gets upset and angry at Scott.  She says why would do this to his family.  Not meaning Laci and Conner, meaning the Peterson family.  When Scott says he is at the bay, she then questions whether it wouldn’t be better for the body to be found near the house, but Scott says that it is too late he already put them in the bay.  The Peterson family makes a pact to cover up for Scott.  Scott arrives back in Modesto drops off the boat, and arrives home, as he said around 16:30.  He makes sure that everything is cleaned up, showers, eats, starts the washer, and begins making phone calls...


     Well, this is where you guys come in....


    I wanted to get this to you.  I am concerned that Scott might go free.  I am not sure if Luminol will still show anything on the pool patio, but I thought that if it showed presence of blood it would help bolster the case.  A random killer isn’t going to take the time to clean up not knowing when someone may arrive home.  Scott also took a ruby tennis bracelet that Laci usually kept in a ceramic, heart shaped nick-nack box on her dresser.  It is the one she is wearing in the pictures that were taken at the Christmas party that Laci attended alone the same night Scott attended the party with Amber. 

     I am sorry that my research is so outside of the box.  I wish that it could be accepted so that more cases could be solved and others could be located and returned to their families.  I completely understand that it

could ruin the case if you admit using a “psychic”, though I don’t consider myself to be a “psychic”.  Over the last few days I have been walking down at Point Isabel.  I am still hopeful that the rest of Laci can still be found at low tide.

     In any case, thank you for taking the time to return my call last year.  I am sorry that I didn’t have the information in a more cohesive form at that time.  I still have a tremendous amount of additional info on this case that I haven’t told you about.  If you wish to contact me for any reason my contact info is as follows:

Sandra Belanger

Phone:  (xxx) xxx-xxxx     


Thank you for your time and for hearing me out last year.  Good luck in convicting Scott. 

If you should decide to contact me for any reason I can assure you that it will be kept



Sandra J. Belanger 

P.S.  7/6/04 - I just heard from today’s testimony that Laci had pepper spray in her purse.  Was it still there?  Had it been used?  You and I both know that my info has been out in the public domain since January of 2003.  If this is right the info about the evidence by the swimming pool could also be right.  PLEASE find some way to check.


In Blood Brother, the book written by Scott Peterson’s half sister, Anne Bird, there is a chapter entitled, “The Pool”.  In it, Anne Bird makes the following statement.


     It was during this period that Scott began to obsess about the swimming pool at his

     house.  He drove home to clean it out and to mow the lawn, and two weeks later he

     went back to do it again.  When he told me he was going back for a third time, I

     thought it was getting a little bizarre, so I finally confronted him. “What’s the big deal

     with the pool?”  (Bird 123)


     I followed the case throughout the summer and fall of 2004, there were many confirmations of predictions made and information received.  On November 3, 2004, concerned that Scott was going to get away with Laci and Conner’s murders, I did a session in order to see whether the people on the other side could provide some information about the verdict.  I was told the following.




I decided to conduct a little experiment.  On November 8, 2004 I posted this wav file on my website.  I did not however, provide a transcript of what it said.  I told people that if they wanted to know what the verdict was going to be that they had to figure out what the wav file was saying.  The wav file was simply labeled VERDICT.  About 50 people posted responses on the message board about this.  90% of them confirmed that the wav file said that Scott was going to be found guilty.  90% of those people were able to confirm exactly what the wav file said.  Four days after posting the verdict, on Friday November 12th, 2004 Scott Peterson was found guilty of the murder of his wife and baby.


     We still weren’t finished though, there was still the penalty phase.  On November 20, 2004 I sent an email to the woman who maintained my website.  I had done a session about the outcome of the penalty phase of the trial.  This is an excerpt from the email.


Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:53:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandra Belanger
Subject: Hi Sandy
To: sage

I have a feeling that Geragos is going to ask for some kind of delay Monday.  ALSO, remember I said that the juror told their family that if the jury votes for death that they are going to hang the jury?  At the time I wasn’t sure if they meant the special circumstances charge of the death penalty phase.  I am certain that they meant the death penalty now, obviously.  It will likely be juror number twelve or juror number 2.



On December 14, 2004, Scott Peterson was sentenced to death.  On Thursday December 16th a story appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle about what had happened behind the scenes during the deliberations.  I sent a follow up email to Sandra F. about this article.  I also cc’d my Anthropology professor Robert Anderson.  This is a copy of that email.


Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 09:42:09 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandra Belanger <>
Subject: Fwd: Hi Sandy
To: sage
CC: "Robert T. Anderson"

Hi Sandy,

Remember when I sent this email?  Look at the highlighted portion below.  Geragos did ask for and got a delay.  ALSO in today's SF Chronicle there was the following in an article about the juror deliberations in the Death Penalty phase. 

"The Scott Peterson jury had spent six months together, judged him guilty of first- and second-degree murder, but when it came to sentencing him to death or to life in prison without the possibility of parole, there appeared to be one holdout:  Juror No. 2, a 55-year-old San Carlos resident named Tom Marino.  'I thought it was going to be a hung jury,' recalled Steve Cardosi."

I have attached a link to the whole story. 

Also, I was told the day that the guilt verdict came down that Scott was "chasing the needle".  I assumed by this they meant he was going to get the death penalty.  I did not want to have any part in affecting this by even so much as putting this info out.  As a result I did not post these predictions.  I made a decision some time ago that I would never again post predictions of someone's death, therefore I did not post this.  I didn't even want to discuss it and put it out there.  It is one thing predicting guilt it is another thing to predict death.  THIS is why I never updated the material on whether or not Scott would get death, and why I wouldn't answer emails to people who had requested this info privately.

You can post this if you want. 

There is a lot of information that I am unable to post ahead of situations like this for ethical reasons.  Not just to do with the Peterson case.  It is sometimes a tremendous burden not to be able to tell anyone.  I have a firm belief that thought manifests into words and words manifest into reality.  This is why you will never see me predict ANYONE'S death publicly, even though I made the mistake of doing this one time in the past.  There is a good chance that that past prediction will still come to pass.


Sandra Belanger

Sandra Belanger <> wrote:

Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 18:53:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Sandra Belanger
Subject: Hi Sandy
To: sandy

I have a feeling that Geragos is going to ask for some kind of delay Monday.  ALSO, remember I said that the juror told their family that if the jury votes for death that they are going to hang the jury?  At the time I wasn't sure if they meant special circumstances or death penalty.  I am certain that they meant the death penalty now, obviously.  It will likely be juror number twelve or juror number 2. 



Scott Peterson is now sitting on death row at San Quentin Prison.  I was told by the spirits that following the sentencing and removal of Scott to the "Q" that Laci and Conner had moved on to their rightful place in heaven.



UPDATE:  Posted November 27, 2007.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t still hear from Laci.  She pops up in my sessions from time to time to say hello and to update me on her situation.  I will be conducting an ITC session when I receive messages such as:

  • CALL LACI.mp3



She also comes back to help on current cases.  She did this just the other day in fact.  She came to a session that I was doing on the Stacy Peterson case and did a point by point comparison regarding the similarities of the cases.  For example: 

“We were both killed by someone named Peterson.”


UPDATE:  On December 30, 2005, (my birthday) Laci Peterson’s mother, Sharon Rocha, released a book about her daughter and the case that came to captivate the nation.  It was entitled FOR LACI.  Chapter 20 of the book details my work on this case.  This came as a bit of a shock as I had no idea that she had even seen the work.  On page 209 she made the following statement about the day that she followed my instructions to Laci and Conner’s location in San Francisco Bay.


          The longer I was there and the more I looked, the more I knew in my soul that Laci

     was out there.  I felt it so strongly.  I’d like to say that I don’t necessarily believe in

     that sixth sense, extrasensory stuff, but too much has happened in my life for me not   

     to believe in it, at least to some degree.  And this was a time when I definitely



Also on page 210:


          I can’t explain it, but I felt her, and in the moments before we left, I told God that I

     wanted to see something, some kind of a sign that would help me find her.  I was

     ready to handle it, I thought.  I stared out at the place where water and sky converge

     and I felt an umbilical tug between me and my daughter.  She was there, I was certain. 

     …Knowing Laci was there gave me a very small sense of relief, as if I’d finally found

     her.  I no longer thought of her as lost.  From then on, I thought it was a matter of time

     before I got her back.


     An interesting synchronicity happened in FOR LACI.  At the end of the book Sharon Rocha states that Scott is sentenced to death by the presiding judge on March 16, 2005, exactly two years to the day that she followed my directions to the location of Laci and Conner’s bodies near the Berkeley Marina.  She states this on page 316  (as in, 3/16) of her book.



Section still under construction 


Missing Woman Investigation


Initial contact

From: jane xxxxx

Subject: HELP!!
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 13:41:12 -0300

Hi Sandra -

My cousin went "missing" Saturday nite, in her car. She left a
note saying if anything happened to her to put her dog and two horses down.
She tried to commit suicide once before. Her name is Valerie. Please try to
help us find her. We don't expect to find her alive but her mother and
everyone is very upset about not being able to find her. It's a long story,
but my friend, Ron, who committed suicide two years ago "led" me to you this
morning. Please let me know if you need anymore information to pursue this.
We greatly appreciate any help you can offer. (And thanks to Ron).
- Jane Xxxxx

From this email I was told that a woman named Valerie (no last name) went missing along with her vehicle (make and model unknown) on Saturday night May 24, 2003.  She was apparently suicidal, and had a history of at least one previous suicide attempt.  She had two horses and a dog, and that her mother was worried.  I responded with the following.  Keep in mind when reading the following email:  This woman could have been in the middle of the Mojave desert, for all I knew, I had no idea where she was on the planet.  As for Jane’s friend Ron, this was not the first time that the living have been sent to speak to me by the dead.  I know this sounds strange, but apparently word has gotten around on the other side.

*This statement “Ve I heard” was not typed by me or anyone else.  This appeared here.  I nearly deleted it thinking it was some kind of error until I realized what it might be.  Ve = Valerie.  This may be Valerie telling me, that she heard that the body was recovered.  It wouldn’t be the first time that the other side has caused typing.  Other researchers have reported anomalous typing.

Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 10:31:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sandra Belanger
Subject: Re: HELP!!
To: jane xxxxx
Hello Jane,

I am sorry to hear about your cousin. My initial gut feeling on this is that you will find her before I have a chance to help. I will pose the question to the 'folks' when I talk to them tomorrow. I need to do some things today, and I am pretty wiped out from the show last night, but if I can get to it tonight I will email tomorrow morning or afternoon.

I am seeing a river with trees overhanging and a highway overpass above it. The area where she is, is shaded. I think I am under the bridge, that is the perspective of the picture I see. If there is somewhere near you like this please go and check it out.

If you don't find her by later today, send me the date you feel she would have passed.

Don't give up. You can tune into her yourself. Maybe go for a drive not going anywhere in particular, and see where you end up. If she has any special spots that she liked, especially if it is near someplace like the place I am describing. I am not sure but the trees might be willows.

I will ask the 'folks' for supplemental info. I trust them a lot more than I trust my own impressions, especially when my energy is depleted like it is today.

Good luck. Keep me posted, I think you find her today or tomorrow morning.

Take good care.



From: jane xxxxx 
Subject: Re: HELP!!
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 22:33:26 -0300

Hi Sandra - Thanks for your very quick response, especially in light of the
fact that you are busy and wiped out. It's after dark and there's been no
sign of Valerie or her car. There was a missing person notice on the local
tv news. The police are involved in the search. She went to her mother's
house on Saturday nite and left at 9. She went to a nearby gas station and
got $10 worth of gas. That's the last anyone has seen of her. I'm writing
from Nova Scotia, Canada where gas is $3.00 a gallon, so she wasn't planning
a long trip. Do you think she may have used the fumes from the car to pass
You said I could probably tune into her myself but I'm not sure about that.
We weren't close, she was a very private person and I haven't seen her for
years. But my heart does reach out to her because I suffer from depression
too. If you and your folks can help we would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks so much - jane


From: jane xxxxx 
Subject: Re: HELP
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 12:14:56 -0300

Hi Sandra - Sorry to keep hounding you but you seem to be our only hope.
People don't want to give up but don't know where else to look. If someone
could at least find her car then we would have an idea of the general area
to look in. We know it's too late to change things but not knowing is almost
as bad as waiting for someone to die. You probably get a million emails
from people asking for your help so any info, no matter how small, will be
greatly appreciated.

Thank you - Jane

Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 21:35:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sandra Belanger
Subject: Re: HELP
To: jane xxxxx

Hi Jane,

You are not hounding me. I did a session tonight and will analyze it tomorrow and get back to you be tomorrow afternoon about what the 'folks' said about your cousin.

Talk to you tomorrow,



     Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 17:06:11 -0700 (PDT)
     From: Sandra Belanger
     Subject: Re: HELP
     To: jane xxxxx
     Hi Jane,

I asked the 'folks' about your cousin. I heard them mention the woman from Nova Scotia. But it was difficult to understand. I am reanalyzing tonight and doing another session tomorrow. I will get back to you.

Please tell me if you find her. Is there any body of water that she could have easily driven into? A boat ramp or a bridge? They may have said something also about a school.

Water deep enough to obscure the car?
Keep me posted.



From: "jane xxxxx"
Subject: Re:  HELP
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 14:52:50 -0300
Hi Sandra - Thanks for getting back to me. Valerie lives beside a deep river
and the ocean is not far away. Her mother asked the police to check out a
boat ramp on the river which isn't too far from Valerie's house. Get this -
they said women don't commit suicide that way! I've never heard such
ignorance in my life. Her car hasn't been spotted anywhere in spite of alerts
in the newspapers and on tv. It's very probable that she did drive her car
into the water as you suggest. I'll keep you posted and I'll
look forward to your next email.

Thanks - Jane


     Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 09:35:21 -0700 (PDT)
     From: Sandra Belanger
     Subject: Re:HELP
     To: jane xxxxx
     Hi Jane,

I am sorry that the police are basing their decisions on such nonsense as a woman not committing suicide by drowning. That is patently ridiculous, women kill themselves like this rather frequently.

I am still working on your case. Unfortunately it can take a little time to compile the info. It took me three week to get the info on the Peterson case. Do you know anyone who scuba dives. It probably wouldn't hurt to have them go in at the boat ramp and look downstream from that point. They should do it at noon though so that the vehicle and or body won't be hidden by shadows. My feeling is that she is probably in the water. If you have searched everywhere else and if she only had 10 bucks for gas, she clearly couldn't have gone very far.

I am sorry that you haven't had any luck finding her. I am still reviewing the wav files for the info, so if you haven't found her yet, don't give up hope. Please let me know if she turns up as I have several cases that I am working on and don't want to keep looking after she has been found.

If you know someone who can scuba dive, perhaps if you would agree to offset the expenses perhaps they would donate their time. It certainly couldn't hurt to look in the river.

Keep me posted,



     From: "jane"
     Subject: Re: HELP
     Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 20:15:47 -0300

     Hi Sandra - Some divers are going to search the area around the boat ramp
     and the bridge tomorrow. A guy fishing said he saw oil on the water a few
     days ago. Hopefully she will be found then. This is very hard on the family.
     I have read on the Rense site about the Peterson case. My computer is too
     old to update the stuff I would need to listen to the shows. You must find
     it very taxing to listen over and over to make out the words. I saw on the
     news that the defense is trying to say that a cult did it. Every time I see
     her husband I wish I were close enough to smack him. He looks so smug. I
     hope this isn't another O.J. trail. I'll keep you posted about the divers.
     Thanks - Jane


Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 16:51:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sandra Belanger
Subject: Re: HELP
To: jane xxxxx

Good, I am glad to hear that. I pray that they find her. The 'folks' and I will keep our fingers crossed for you. Keep me posted.

With blessings,



     From: "jane xxxxx"
     Subject: Re: HELP
     Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 08:58:09 -0300

     Hi Sandra - Valerie's car was found yesterday and her body was in it. They
     figure that she drove off the ramp and then her car ended up a few miles
     down river. I'm sure her soul is getting all the help she needs and now,
     thank God, we can lay her body to rest.

Thanks - Jane


     Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:32:43 -0700 (PDT)
     From: Sandra Belanger
     Subject: Re: HELP
     To: jane xxxxx
     That is exactly what I saw happen. My sympathy goes out to your family. Please extend 

     my condolences. I am sorry that the situation couldn't have had a better outcome.

God bless you all.

Kind Regards,

Sandra Belanger News

RCMP Recover Body of Missing Woman

By the Canadian Press

Thursday June 5, 2003

LIVERPOOL, N.S. (CP) - The body of a missing woman recovered from the waters off Nova Scotia’s south shore. 

Valerie Conrad, 47, was last seen near her home in Liverpool on May 25.

Divers recovered her body Wednesday after her car was spotted in the water near the Lighthouse in Liverpool Bay.

The investigation was continuing but police said they don’t expect foul play.

Copyright 2003 The Canadian Press



Saturday, June 7, 2003         

The Halifax Herald Limited

CONRAD, Valerie Marguerite

CONRAD, Valerie Marguerite - 47, Liverpool, died June 4, 2003, in Liverpool. Born in Liverpool, she was the daughter of Gordon and Loretta (Young) Weaver of Liverpool. She worked as an L.P.N. at the Queens General Hospital for numerous years. She loved her horses and dog and she enjoyed gardening, watching movies and her pen pals. She is survived by her niece, Trista Weaver, Halifax; brothers, David (Barbara) Weaver, Milton; Stephen (Wanda) Weaver; Liverpool; Kevin Weaver, British Columbia; Shawn (Melinda) Weaver, Liverpool; nieces, Brittany and Kendra Weaver, and nephew, Matthew Weaver, all of Milton. A private graveside family service will take place at a later date. Family flowers only. Donations may be made to SHAID Tree Animal Shelter in Bridgewater or a charity of choice.  On-line condolences may be made through:

     There are at least two additional confirmations that are not included in the text of this case.  In my first email to Valerie’s cousin Jayne, I stated:  “I see a river with trees overhanging... The area where she is, is shaded.” I also said:  “I am not sure but the trees may be willows.”  Please note, in the above obituary, “Donations may be made to SHAID Tree Animal Shelter.”  I also mentioned a bridge, at the time of my first “viewing” on May 27th, the car was very likely under the bridge then as this was where the man reportedly saw the oil slick at roughly the same time that I was remotely viewing the missing woman.  By the time the car was recovered several days later, it had been swept down the river and out into the bay.  Depending on the floatability of a vehicle, it would be expected that this would occur.  Especially in an area close to where a large, deep river would be emptying into the ocean, and especially in the spring when the snow melt would cause an increase in the river’s overall hydraulic flow.  Also, it should be noted that the SHAID Tree Animal Shelter, is in BRIDGEWATER.  


     One of the most interesting things about this case is that I didn’t use ITC/EVP to solve it.  Over the last several years I have developed a direct connection to the spirits that I work with and don’t always have to consult them via the EVP maker. 

Jessica Lundsford 


Murdered 9 year old girl

From Homosassa, FL


     On March 12th, 2005 I did an EVP session for a missing 9 year old girl from Homosassa, Florida, Jessica Lunsford.  Jessica was kidnapped from her bed on February 23, 2005.  For three weeks I followed the news reports hoping against hope that she would turning up alive, but knowing in my heart that the odds were against this type of resolution.  Initially, within a day or two of the abduction, I did a quick remote viewing session of her and saw movement.  I checked back every few hours but after a few days the movement stopped.  Eventually, after agonizing for her obviously distraught and clearly innocent father I decided to see if there was anything that could be done through my source.  These are my findings.     

     Jessica seems to be with kin on the other side.  There is someone who has the similar voice and accent as her dad Mark Lundsford and I suspect it may be one of his relatives.  This spirit that accompanied the child to speak with me was very protective and wanted to know who was calling for Jessica.   


     The spirits explained to them that I was there to try to help find Jessica and catch the person who had killed her so he allowed me to speak to her.  The spirit source then speaks to Jessica asking her where she lived.  The spirit source then makes two statements.  These two sentences tell everything that needs to be known to recover the childs body and catch the vile creature who did this.  It doesn't get more succinct than this.   


      • You must go out and search in Dora Dixon's yard.*2005031.wav
      • Dixon's brother is the one who did this.*20050.wav


     When I initially heard that the person suspected of abducting, raping and killing Jessica was named Evander Couey I was a little confused.  It didn’t occur to me immediately that his sister might have a different last name.  I was a somewhat concerned that the information had been wrong.  I found out exactly how accurate the session was on March 19, 2005.  This was exactly one week to the day after my session which is time and date stamped, 20050312-213701, or March 12, 2005, 9:37:01 pm.  Dorothy (Dora) Dixon is John Evander Couey, the suspect’s, half sister.  You can find this info at:


     Jessica and my source also showed me visually that she was under or near a white trailer home.  When the media showed Couey's sister's home on reports about the police searching the property I knew that they had the right place.  There was only one week between the time that I got the information and the recovery of Jessica’s body.  Had I been in dialogue with the police they would have known immediately who Dora Dixon was, as a neighbor she was contacted very early on in the search.  The police then could have acted on the information.  It still, unfortunately, would not have saved Jessica.  Had a session been able to be done immediately upon her disappearance, and taken seriously,  it is conceivable that the child may have been recovered alive.  This is one of the only cases that I have worked on in which the victim was still alive when I initially remote viewed the case.  Couey said that he killed Jessica after three days, during which time he kept her hidden in his closet.  During a taped confession he stated, without emotion, that he had buried the poor child alive.  The evidence eventually backed up this horrible disclosure.  The implications from this case are enormous in that it is conceivable that if the protocol were to be used immediately upon the discovery of an abduction, that the victim could possibly be recovered alive.  In the case of ransom abductions the protocol could be immensely useful. 


     Jessica’s body was eventually recovered on March 19, 2005.  She was buried under

the stairs of Dorothy Dixon’s white trailer home, which was less than 150 yards from the

home that she shared with her father and grandparents.  She was found clutching a stuffed

animal, a purple dolphin that her father had given her. 




This Web Page Is Still Under Construction