For many, the reality of the existence of Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans-communication has opened up a bottomless cavern of questions.  No sooner is one question answered than another twenty appear.  Thomas Edison felt that this avenue of research would answer far more questions than the study of electricity ever could. (Locher 4)  Yet, the whole idea of something so mind blowing has been met with little more than controversy and smothering silence.


     The concepts of EVP and ITC have been in existence since the invention of radio and recording technology.  However, until the invention of the internet very few people were aware of it.  As was inferred in the above statement, one of the first people to suggest the possibility of an electronic means of otherworldly communication was Thomas Edison. 



Following the death of his mother he became interested in the possibility of communicating with the spirits of the dead.  He began to examine the various means of spirit contact employed by spirit mediums at the turn of the century, (Ouija boards, etc.) but eventually came to the conclusion that communication was much more likely to be achieved through electronic means.  Around 1918 or 1919 he began work on a prototype

device with his assistant Dr. Miller Hutchison.  In the October 1920 issue of Scientific American, Edison claimed publicly to be working on the development of an instrument that would allow for communication with spirits.  He was unable to complete this work prior to his death in 1931.  Two other well known inventors, Nicola Tesla and Guglielmo Marconi also believed that EVP/ITC were possible. (Locher 4)  These concepts were not called by these names during this era, however. 



Nikola Tesla


G. Marconi


      EVP/ITC wallowed in relative obscurity until the development of equipment that simplified the recording of audio.  In the 1950’s tape recorders were produced that were smaller and less complex thus allowing the general public to begin to create audio recordings.  The audio recording process had previously required large, complicated machines as well as the technical knowhow necessary to operate them.  Unbeknownst to most practicing Catholics, the Vatican has been involved in EVP research since the earliest days of investigation.  Two Catholic priests, Father Ernetti and Father Gemelli, were shocked to discover the phenomena on tapes that they had made of monks performing Gregorian chants.  Fearing that an investigation of this occurrence could be a sin, they approached Pope Pius XII with their findings.  After some thought on the matter he assured them that, “The existence of this voice is strictly a scientific fact and has nothing to do

with  spiritism.” (Zammit 3/4) 


     Pope Paul VI was also acquainted with EVP.  While cooperating with the production of a documentary about his papacy, he became good friends with the Swedish film producer, Friedrich Juergenson. 

Freidrich Juergenson

(From World ITC)


In the summer of 1959, Friedrich Juergenson, a Swedish opera singer/film producer/painter, was recording the songs of wild birds when anomalous voices began to appear on his tapes.  He recognized one of these voices to be that of his dead mother and she was calling him by a pet name that only she had used.  Over the years Jeurgenson recorded thousands of these voices.  Some of them claimed to be from such diverse personalities as Hitler, Goering, Felix Kersten, and the Yoga author Boris Sacharow.  (Raudive 9)  He eventually published a book in 1964 entitled, Rosterna fran Rymden, (Voices from Space).  This book was eventually translated from Swedish into German in 1967 as Sprechfunk mit Verstorbene, (Radio Link with the Dead), but was not translated into English until 2000. 


     Contemporary with Jeurgenson’s work, two American researchers, Raymond Bayless and Attila Szalay, were finding anomalous voices recorded onto wire recorders.  They reported their findings in 1959 in the Journal of the American Society for Psychic Research.  In 1967 a Latvian researcher by the name of Konstanin Raudive read about Jeurgenson’s work and also began to investigate these voices. 

Konstantin Raudive

(From World ITC)


He subsequently published his findings in 1971 in a book entitled, Breakthrough (Locher 6)  EVP was examined continuously throughout the 1970’s by numerous investigators, and is currently being investigated by thousands.  There have been many attempts over the intervening years to streamline and improve the process.  Others however, saw the need for a new, higher level of communication, a format that allowed for two way, real-time communications or ITC.


     Two early pioneers of Instrumental Trans-communication in the United States are George Meek and William O’Neil.  They established a psychical research lab in 1974 which was called the Metascience Foundation in Franklin, North Carolina.  Mr. O’Neil was a gifted psychic from Pennsylvania, who, prior to joining with Meek had been working on his own research, with sometimes frightening results.  Mr. Meek was the retired president of a refrigeration and air conditioning firm which was known for its numerous innovations.  They worked in conjunction with Paul Jones, who was an electronic engineer and prolific inventor, and Hans Heckmann who was the electronics technician.  They eventually produced a device which they called the Spiricom. 


William O'Neil with SPIRICOM

(From World ITC)

     This communicator was reportedly very successful in contacting the other side, but it was necessary for the operator to have significant mediumistic ability in order for it to function.  In addition, the spirits predicted during the course of the research that Spiricom would cease functioning sometime in the 1980’s.  Apparently it did stop working as had been predicted.  (Locher 10, 11)  The research of George Meek and William O’Neil was eventually published in 1981 in a book by John G. Fuller, which was entitled, The Ghost of 29 Megacycles. (Zammit 4/2)  There are a number of current EVP/ITC researchers however, who doubt the validity of the research employing the Spiricom device.      


     During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s psychic researchers became aware of reports of people who had received telephone calls from their dead loved ones. 


     The calls were usually only of short duration and when investigated did not register on   

     normal phone monitoring and billing equipment.  Some even came through telephones 

     that were not connected.”  (Zammit 4/3) 


In 1979, Scott Rogo published a book about these phone calls which was called, Telephone Calls from the Dead.  During that same decade researchers in numerous countries began to report that they had obtained video images of their dead loved ones on television sets.  “In 1985 Klaus Schreiber in West Germany began to get pictures on television tubes of persons who had died.  The tubes used ‘an opto-electric feedback system.’” (Zammit 4/3) 


     Between 1985 and 1988 Jules and Maggie Harsch-Fishbach, ITC researchers from Luxembourg, created two separate electronic systems that were far more reliable than previous inventions.  These were developed in conjunction with spirit scientists from the afterlife who were reported to be communicating from an otherworldly sending station known as Timestream.  (Zammit 3/5) These cooperative efforts have been a trend since the earliest days of ITC and it still continues.  Many researchers, including myself, have heard from the giants on whose shoulders we stand.  I have personally received a transmission from a voice claiming to be Thomas Edison, as have numerous other researchers.  Konstantin Raudive has also contacted earth side researchers on numerous occasions since his death in 1976. 


     In 1987, the Harsch-Fishbach’s were able to incorporate the personal computer into the toolbox of ITC researchers, “which allowed submission of technical questions to beings in the afterlife with high speed printouts of the carefully considered replies.” (Zammit 3/5)  In 1993 a breakthrough occurred in which “the research team in the afterlife was able to access the hard drives of computers and leave detailed, computer scanned images as well as several pages of text.” (Zammit 3/5)  It is with the development of personal computers that ITC researchers were able to achieve levels of communication previously unimagined, not only with the other side, but with this one.  Many new innovations and techniques have happened not only as a result of communication with beings on the other side, but as a result of EVP/ITC information being made available online and networking among researchers on this side of the veil via the internet. 


     In May of 1998 I learned of EVP/ITC from a paranormal radio show.  Unfortunately, this is one of the only venues available to EVP/ITC researchers who want to release their findings publicly.  Although I had been involved in researching the reality of an afterlife since my own near death experience in 1981, I had never heard about the work of serious ITC researchers like the Harsch-Fishbacks.  Also, until fairly recently, unless you knew specifically what to look for and where to look, the published information on EVP/ITC had long before gone out of print.  By 1998 however, there was a fair amount of information on the internet. 




                                My Own EVP/ITC Research Begins



     I did my first EVP experiment the day after listening to an EVP/ITC researcher by the name of Mark Macy on the Art Bell, Coast to Coast radio show.  I used a portable cassette recorder and a brand new cassette tape that I removed from the cellophane wrapper myself.  I was very lucky.  Most people have to do numerous experiments over many months before they get an audible voice.  I got one the first time I tried the experiment.  I sat in a closed room without any available ambient sources of sound.  I asked the empty room the following question:  “Should I continue to contact you?”  On playback of the tape a voice, not my own, answered:  “Certainly.” 


     Between 1998 and 2000 I continued to do experiments on a pretty sporadic basis, with varying degrees of

success.  I found this form of communication cumbersome.  It required a lot of post production amplification on the computer.  This became tedious and I yearned for a more streamlined form of communicating.  At this same time I also found out about the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP) and became a member. 


     The following year a group of diverse minded AAEVP members, including myself, established an e-group.  This allowed people who were interested in EVP/ITC to communicate with each other exclusively.  Early on the members decided to attempt some group experiments in order to see if the combined energy of numerous people across the United States would increase the clarity and strength of the messages.  We did have some success, but had difficulty in arranging the sessions so that all were available at the same time.  In one session in September of 2000, I got a group of voices on cassette recorder singing in harmony as if in a choir:

“This group’s for you!” 


     Throughout this period, my level of frustration with the drudgery of the work involved in getting even a few words increased.  For several months I actually stopped experimenting.  I did continue to monitor the AAEVP e-group and at some point in mid 2001, a German researcher by the name of Stefan Bion offered his spirit communication software program to our e-group for BETA testing.  This finally gave me the opportunity to really test my wings and do some experiments with a possible ITC interface.  Throughout the course of my previous EVP experiments I had begun to get a small idea of exactly how psychically sensitive I was.  I always knew that I had certain abilities, but I was about to find out how really versatile and extensive they were. 


    Stefan Bion, a German software engineer and EVP researcher, created EVP Maker.  This is a software program which was designed to allow the user to communicate with spirits via a computer interface.  Much to his credit, following our BETA test, he released the software to the public as free, “shareware”.  The software works much like white noise, in that it provides random raw material that can be organized by unseen forces in order to create words and phrases.  The difference is that with white noise the words have to be entirely created out of random static.  EVP Maker provides the basic building blocks of human speech, tiny sub-syllabic word fragments known as phonemes. 


    There are roughly forty-one phonemes in American English.  Every word that we speak is made up of a combination of these sounds, much in the same way that premade bricks are put together to form  various structures.  EVP Maker takes a random sample of recorded speech, (most will do, however it is important not to include samples which contain music or sounds other than human speech) chops it into sub-syllabic segments (phonemes) and then attaches a random number to each one of these tiny fragments.  I use word fragments that are between 1/10th and 1/20th of a second long in order to make certain that no words from the random sample are left intact.  Following this procedure the software functions much in the same way that a random number generator does.


     During the third week of August in 2001 I began to conduct experiments with the EVP Maker software program.  I was extremely skeptical that it would work and began the experimental process with pretty low expectations.  In point of fact, my expectations of a successful spirit contact were so low that I used a ten minute recorded segment of the children’s television show, “Sesame Street” as my first raw voice sample. 


Big Bird

Sesame St. 


I transferred the cassette tape recorded version of the voice file into a computer wav file (a digitized computer sound file) via a transfer cord.  I then loaded the wav file into the EVP Maker software and turned it on.  A sharp, shrill, unintelligible cacophony burst from my computer speakers.  Unable to detect any cohesive speech, I turned it off.  This was just as I had expected.  Imagine for a moment taking seven dice, on each face of each die you glue one of the 41 phonemes of American English.  Then placing the dice into a cup you shake them up and spill them out.  The odds of getting a short word are probably pretty high but within acceptable parameters.  The odds of getting a phrase are probably pretty astronomical.  The odds of the dice addressing you by your name, impossible.  So I was not completely surprised by the failure.  I went into the next room to think and regroup. 




My "Eureka" Moment



     I began watching the news on CNN.  As I did this, it occurred to me that if I used a more measured and less high pitched, raw voice file perhaps the results could conceivably be more rewarding.  I recorded 10 minutes of the CNN news broadcast onto my tape recorder and went back to the computer to record it into a wav file.  I loaded it into the EVP Maker software and switched it on.  What happened next was so unexpected that I totally lost my composure.  A voice spoke from my computer speakers and it said:

I remember my first words very clearly.  I said, “Holy shit! It’s a consciousness.”  I then ran around my house, ripped my shirt off and swung it around my head like a deranged soccer fan.  I then jumped up on my dining room table and danced.  I ran back in to the computer and asking out loud I queried, “What do I do for a job?”  The computer answered:

  •  Medic, paramedic, Local 790. 

 Not only did the computer answer with my job title, as if showing off, it included my union local.  I was floored.  The voice from the computer speakers then said the following. 

  •  Sandra, your showing off is unacceptable to us.

I assumed at that moment that they were referring to my dance performance, but it didn’t occur to me

immediately that this statement meant that they could see me as well as hear me.  Not only could they see me, they could see me out of the view of the computer.  I still get chills when relating this event, even after the passing of several years.  In the days and weeks that followed there would be many more amazing transmissions.