I am the so-called “psychic”, really an anthropologist, who worked on the Laci Peterson case.  My work on this case appeared at RENSE.COM and is discussed by Laci Peterson’s mother, Sharon Rocha, in her book about her daughter entitled, FOR LACI. 

See Chapter 20. 



     Since working on the Peterson case I have worked on many others.  In some instances working with law enforcment and assisting the DA and the DA's investigators prosecuting the cases.  Sometimes I work with the families and friends of the missing people assisting in the search for their missing loved ones and acting as a grief counseler.  In cases that are close to my physical location, I have spent many hours, boots on the ground, searching for the missing.

     I graduated in May of 2005 from Mills College in Oakland, California with a degree in anthropology and sociology, highest honors, Phi Beta Kappa.  I am currently applying to graduate school.

     Prior to attending Mills, I worked for 13 years as a paramedic for the San Francisco Fire Department/Department of Public Health and for private ambulance companies in the city of Oakland, California.

     My interest in what happens to our consciousnesses after we die, or before we are born for that matter, has been life long.  Following a near death experience in 1981, my interest became more personal.  After coming close to death myself I knew that none of us ever really die.  I wanted to share this experience with people in order to help them to be less afraid of their own impending deaths and more able to deal with the loss of loved ones.

     Since 1998 I have been researching Electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans-communication.  My ride has been a wild one to say the least.



 From Dr. Strangelove

     It has not always been easy.  There have been many setbacks and complications.  I have encountered the slings and arrows of a public that is not always open minded.  Human beings are not always kind to those who may come forward with new ideas and concepts.  Even if, as is the case with EVP, one that isn’t so new…


 St. Sebastian by Andrea Mantegna

There have even been a few people who have called me a witch and a black magician.


"Burned at the stake" from Fox's Book of Martyrs 

     These accusations couldn’t be further from the truth.  I choose however, not to argue with these people.  I also choose not to argue with people about whether spirits exist or whether EVP/ITC is “real”.  I present the data that I have uncovered during the course of my research.  It is up to you, the person looking at it, to make up your own mind. 

     I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible.  It makes the work of investigating missing person cases more productive.  As a result of my lack of fame the family members of alleged murderers and even the alleged murderers themselves have approached me to chat.  They tell me interesting things because they don’t know who I am.  Although I have appeared on a couple of TV shows I am not a well know personality.  I can tell you that I am in this picture taken at my graduation from Mills College in 2005.

Mills College Commencement May 2005 

     The purpose of this website is to present the information that I have uncovered during the course of my research.  The data is interesting and compelling.  I am NOT here to make up anyone else’s mind.  I am afraid that you will have to do that for yourself. 

     Back in the history of mankind when people made maps of places that they hadn’t been to yet, they used to write this:

Beyond here there be dragons

The Jabberwocky by Sir John Tennial 

     This is because humans need to put a scary face on anything or anyone that they don’t understand. 

     So, buckle your seat belts, close up your tray tables and put your seat backs in an upright position.  You are about to go for a very interesting ride.

Sandra J. Belanger
November 11, 2007









Xtreme Anthropology:

An Anthropological Examination of

Spirit Mediumship Via Electronic Interface


My experiences with Electronic Voice Phenomena

and Instrumental Trans-communication

employing the anthropological research method

of participant observation*


*Participant observation is a set of research strategies which aim to gain a close and intimate familiarity with a given group of individuals (such as a religious, occupational, or sub-cultural group, or a particular community) and their practices through an intensive involvement with people in their natural environment, often though not always over an extended period of time. The method originated in field work of social anthropologists, especially Bronisław Malinowski and his students in Britain, the students of Franz Boas in the US, and in the urban research of the Chicago School of sociology.                                  Wikipedia                                                                                                                 


Text in black with yellow highlighting indicates a transcription of an EVP audio file.  If it is followed by an asterisk * the EVP audio file is linked and should play if you click it. 


Yellow bold text indicates a facsimile of an email.




Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land or a poet who is a stranger among his people.


~Kahlil Gibran


Electronic Voice Phenomena – Anomalous voices that are found to be recorded onto electromagnetic tape or digital recording devices.  These can be created during experiments in which stringent measures have been taken to insure that no ambient voice sources are present.  EVP can also occur unexpectedly during the course of recording other audio.  A source of white noise is sometimes introduced to be used as raw material for the production of the voices by an invisible source.  This is an example of white noise:

A new recording cassette is used each time to preclude previous, partially erased recordings.  These voices are believed to be from possibly non-corporeal sources such as spirits of the dead.  The same phenomena can be achieved through other electronic means such as computer based software programs, via other mechanical devices including some that have been explicitly designed for mediumistic communication.          


Instrumental Trans-communication – This is a process of two-way communication with possibly non-corporeal beings using an electronic interface.  This communication may allow people in this dimension to speak in real time with beings in other dimensions, i.e. the place known as the afterlife.  This method differs primarily from Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) in that it allows for communications in real-time; EVP is usually only heard with the playback of the tape.  ITC also allows for two-way communication, in-coming and outgoing, whereas EVP is one way communication, incoming, although the message may be in answer to a question.  Instrumental Trans-communication (ITC) sessions are, in most cases, recorded.  The recordings produced during the live ITC sessions are also referred to as Electronic Voice Phenomena.  ITC has been received on specialized audio equipment designed for spirit communication, as well as electronic equipment such as telephones, televisions, computers, (both with and without specialized software) faxes, and telephone answering machines.  EVP has also been received on a host of other devices too numerous to mention.  




     Death may well be the greatest mystery ever confronted by humankind.  The fact that we are aware of our own impending deaths supposedly separates us from and elevates us above the other animal life forms on this planet.  In spite of the fact that this is the one great common denominator in every one of our lives, researchers have largely eschewed the study of death.  There are some noted exceptions.  We have struggled mightily to find new and better ways of delaying death.  We have studied the physicality of it, the way our bodies die, what causes death and what happens to our mortal remains following death.  We have studied the psychology of the dying process.  We have also endeavored to find new and more efficient ways to kill each other.   




     Little study however, has been dedicated to what happens to our consciousnesses after we die.  Part of the problem is that such study has been relegated by Western science into the realm of the metaphysical.  H. Russell Bernard’s, Research Methods in Anthropology, states that,

          Metaphysics refer to explanations of phenomena by any non- material    

          force, such as mind or spirit or a deity – things that, by definition, cannot

          be investigated by methods of science.”  (Bernard 5, 6) 


As a result of this pigeonholing EVP/ITC has essentially been off limits to serious scientific inquiry.  This is primarily due to the fact that spirit (if it exists) is seen as something intangible, we can’t (currently) see it, we can’t (currently) measure it, therefore, it must not exist.  Conversely, if an afterlife does exist, in the eyes of most of the world it exists only as an article of religious faith. 


Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymous Bosch


     I would argue that prior to the discovery of harmful microbes many illnesses were seen as a punishment from God, or occurring as a result of invisible miasmas, or as an imbalance of humors in the body.  Before the invention of the microscope and the development of certain slide staining techniques we were unable to see the vast world of tiny denizens that exist right under our collective noses.  I have no doubt what-so-ever that when Antoni van Leeuwenhoek told his friends and neighbors about the tiny, invisible “animalcules” that he had found in drops of pond water, they thought him barking mad. 


Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

"Father of Microbiology"


     Perhaps, as was the case with microbes hundreds of years ago, we have simply lacked the specialized instrumentation necessary to detect the proof of the continuation of the consciousness after the death of the physical body.  What if this “instrumentation” has now been discovered?  What if this instrumentation is able to provide us with a form of physical proof of some sort of continued existence after death?  Or, at the very least, what if it can prove the existence of forms of consciousness previously unknown to mankind simply because they dwell beyond our limited range of perception?               


By Howard Pyle from The Wonder Clock



     As many of you know the last 9 months or so have been a very difficult time for this researcher.  I have finally reached safe harbor and will be able to begin to maintain and update the site in a more timely manner.  As the dust settles and a better planet for my existence begins to coalesce I will begin to wrap up some old cases and begin to work on some new ones.  I will also update some cold cases that are still pending if this does not interfere with any request for confidentiality.

     As always all assistance to law enforcement, the family and close friends of the murdered and missing will be free of charge.  These cases are triaged as necessary.  If I am in contact with them the information gotten on these cases will be posted only with the permission of the family or law enforcment agencies involved.  If requested, I will maintain absolute confidentiality in regard to any and all information on missing persons or murder cases.     

     I would also like to make an offer to any family members or close friends of military service members killed in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, or any families of service members killed in past conflicts.  I will do sessions to contact your loved one and provide you with any audio files in regard to contact with that loved one free of charge as well.   

     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing interest in the research and for your patience regarding my inability to maintain and update this site in a timely fashion.  I offer my sincere apologies in this regard.  I would, however, like to inform the general public that my not posting to the website does not indicate that I am no longer working on a case.  There were many times in recent months when I have only had the time to do the research and did not have the time, equipment or internet access to post to the website.  Thank you for your time and attention.


Sandra Belanger

September 24, 2008

8:51 am 



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